Status of Project IEEE 802.11n

Standard for Enhancements for Higher Throughput

July 2003 Update

IEEE 802.11 Task Group N is currently in the process of being formed.  Through the IEEE 802.11 process for forming a new standardization effort, the High Throughput Study Group (HTSG) gained IEEE 802.11 Working Group approval for a new PAR and Five Criteria last March.  The PAR and Five Criteria are available in documents 02/798r7 and 02/799r6, respectively.  

The IEEE 802.11 Working Group has forwarded these documents to the IEEE 802.11 Executive Committee, and received approval of the PAR and Five Criteria at the closing session of the July 2003 IEEE 802.11 Executive Committee.  Subsequent approval by the NesCom and the IEEE SA Standards Board is anticipated in Aug 2003. 

Pending all necessary approvals, the first meeting of IEEE 802.11n will take place at the September 2003 Session of the IEEE 802.11 Working Group.

Prior to the first official meeting of IEEE 802.11n, work will continue via the two Special Committees that are meeting via teleconferences every other week.  HTSG Usage Model Special committee is being led by Adrian Stephens of Intel, and the HTSG Channel Model is being lead by Vinko Erceg of Zyray Wireless.  They provided an update and report at the July Meeting, and will have their final recommendations ready for the September meeting.