Status of Project IEEE 802.11 IMT Advanced Ad Hoc

International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced

Basic Objectives

January 2008, Taipei, Taiwan

The documents prepared during November were approved by the 802 executive committee and were passed on to the ITU via WG18. ITU consideration of the IEEE submission will begin during a WP5D meeting to take place in Geneva CH beginning on Jan 28.

It is expected that prior to the March Plenary meeting there will be written clarification of the ITU opinion on the IEEE submissions and an IMT-Advanced  Circular Letter released by the ITU.

Based upon information received from the ITU, detailed plans for further activities within 802.11 and 802 will be developed.

The closing report for this meeting is 11-08-0172r0

November 2007, Atlanta, GA, US

A final round of proposed edits for ITU-R IMT.TECH and IMT.EVAL were approved by the committee then further discussed among the other wireless WGs in the WG18 facilitated meetings. The resultant documents were presented to the 802 executive committee and approved for submission to the ITU.

The closing report for this meeting is 11-07-2788r2

ITU is in the process of reorganizing its study group and working party activities. WP8F is no longer the host of IMT-Advanced. This activity is now under the direction of WP5D. The next scheduled event will be the consideration of the 802 submission within the ITU in meetings that begin Jan 28 in Geneva.

September 2007, Waikoloa, HI, US

The goal between September and November is to review the ITU-R WP8F IMT.TECH document and determine if there are any additional changes that should be proposed. As a first step to accomplish this, weekly conference calls will be used. Inputs from 802.11 will be combined with those from other 802 WGs by WG 18 and submitted to 802 for approval and forwarding to ITU WP8F during the November plenary meeting.

The IMT.EVAL document has also been provided and the same process will be used to develop, integrate and approve comments.

The closing report for this meeting was 11-07-2500r0

July 2007, San Francisco, California, USA

The group met this week and the closing report is document 11-07-2272r0

May 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Although the group did not meeting this week, there will be 802.11 representation at a meeting in Kyoto on 23rd May 2007. The IEEE 802.18 chair may then provide some feedback, in which case there will be some IMT Advanced teleconferences.




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