Status of the Regulatory Standing Committee

The Regulatory Standing Committee was created to focus the technical expertise of the IEEE 802.11 Working Group on the global regulatory matters that affect the existing WLAN standards, develop regulatory positions that enable and enhance opportunities for future standards, and through the RR-TAG, bring these positions to the attention of the regulatory bodies that determine spectrum availability.

SG Chair: Rich Kennedy (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)



Current Activities:



September 2016

•         Regulatory Updates

•         FCC 16-89 mmWave R&O

•         ETSI BRAN and ERM TG11 updates

•         EN 300 328 (2.4 GHz) in final approval phase

•         EN 301 893 (5 GHz) planning to complete in November

•         EN 302 567 (60 GHz) to complete in November

•         EN 301 598 (TVWS) to complete in November

•         FCC WRC-19 Advisory Committee (WAC)

•         CEPT CPG PT-D week of September 19th in Rome

•         EU Radio Equipment Directive implications

•         ETSI RED workshop December 1st

•         Sent to 802.18 for action

•         FCC 16-89 mmWave FNPRM

•         Will not file as we have no supporting data for requests

•         Complete the WP5A liaison started in July



July 2016

•         Regulatory Updates

•         Ofcom 5 GHz Consultation

•         Submitted Thursday, July 21st

•         FCC 5.9 GHz band Public Notice

•         FCC getting started testing DSRC interference mitigation

•         FCC 16-89 mmWave R&O

•         FCC opened 64-71 GHz to add to 57-64 GHz

•         ETSI BRAN and ERM TG11 updates

•         EN 300 328 in final approval stage

•         EN 301 893 hoping for September completion

•         EN 301 598 to be completed in time for June deadline

•         Sent to 802.18 for action

•         Liaison to ITU-R to consider WAS/RLANs in 57-76 GHz

•         FCC 16-89 mmWave FNPRM

•         Ask for

•         71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz

•         No conducted power limit (only EIRP)

•         Higher EIRP limit

•         Enable use on aircraft



May 2016

•         Regulatory Updates

•         FCC meeting on sharing with ITS/DSRC in the 5.9 GHz band

•         FCC 16-55 Second R&O in 3.5 GHz

•         NTIA RFC on IoT

•         ETSI BRAN update

•         Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit

•         Ofcom 5 GHz Consultation

•         Petition for Reconsideration on U-NII-3 OOBE

•         Sent to 802.18 for action

•         Ofcom consultation on opening the 5 GHz band

•         Ask 802.18 to address the 10 questions and prepare a response




March 2016

•         First meeting using the new regulatory regime

•         Regulatory summaries

•         Input to 802.18 RR-TAG

–       How do we improve our interactions with Regulators?


–       How do we improve our interactions with ITU-R?

–       We cannot do this alone; we must find common ground to work with others

–       We need a simple, clear and concise message

–       Creating a position on mmWave spectrum

•         The Regulatory SC will transition fully to the RR-TAG in July



January 2016

•         Regulatory summaries

•         Reviewed items in process at the end of 2015

•         US updates

–       FCC DSRC decisions – Chairman’s letter to DoC, DoT and Congress

–       FCC trying to close on Globalstar TLPS

–       FCC 14-30 implementation date pushed out to March 2016

•         EU updates

–       ETSI ERM TG11

–       ETSI TC BRAN

–       New challenges for 5 GHz band use

•         WRC-15 Outcomes

•         Other

–       Proposed changes to 802 regulatory




November 2015

•           Regulatory summaries

–       FCC 15-105 re LTE-U

–       FCC 15-92 administrative changes

–       FCC 15-138 bands above 24GHz

–       ETSI ERM TG11 Status of (EN 300 328 (2.4 GHz)

–       ETSI TC BRAN Status (EN301 893, 302 567 and 301 598)

–       Globalstar

•         Actions

–       Preparation for November ETSI ERM TG11 meeting

–       Preparation for December ETSI TC BRAN meeting

–       Developed EC Regulatory SC Mission Statement



September 2015

•         Regulatory summaries

–       FCC 15-105 FCC LTE-U concerns

–       FCC 15-92 administrative changes

–       Open FCC proceedings

–       EU regulatory activities re WLAN/WPAN

•         Actions

–       Preparation for September ETSI ERM TG11 meeting

–       Preparation for October ETSI TC BRAN meeting

–       Reviewed FCC administrative changes for device certification

•         Updates

–        FCC 15-105 re LTE-U seeking information on LTE-U

–        FCC: LTE-U device certification requires OET review

–        WFA: FCC please wait until impact  on Wi-Fi is understood

–        Many other comments

–        FCC 15-92 device certification process changes

–        Amendment of Parts 0, 1, 2, 15 and 18 of the Commission’s Rules regarding Authorization of Radiofrequency Equipment; and

–        Request for the Allowance of Optional Electronic Labeling for Wireless Devices



July 2015

•         ETSI TC BRAN June update

–       Progress made towards coexistence with LAA-LTE

–       October and December meetings should finalize LBT method(s) and RED compliance details

•         ETSI ERM TG11 June update

–       RED compliance details uncertain; regulators to clarify by 8/15

–       WIA proposal fails to get support; will revise and try again Sept.

•         Ofcom PSSR consultation

–       Awaiting response to WFA request for relief at 2390 MHz

•         FCC 15-47 (3.5 GHz) update

–       Submitted Comments Monday (July 13th)

•         ECC Decisions

–       Several issues related to 802.11/15; details forthcoming


•         Discussed preparations for ETSI ERM TG11 (Sept.) and ETSI TC BRAN#84 (Oct.) meetings

•         Discussed status of new proposal for DFS changes that support use of 5350-5470 MHz band

–       Submitted to ETSI; should carry over to WRC19 agenda

–       US will make changes and support it in WRC19

•         Discussed modified path for regulatory submissions

–       With 75% approval in WG, will go as IEEE 802.11 (or 802.15) submission

–       EC can block, but cannot modify




May 2015

•         Updates on ETSI BRAN and ERM TG11, Globalstar

•         Wrote a response to liaison requests from NGMN and invited them to send a representative to attend our panel discussion in July

•         Approved Comments in FCC 15-47 Spectrum Sharing in 3.5 GHz band indicating that IEEE 802.11 will not develop an amendment for operation in the 3.5 GHz band due to FSS protection and federal radar exclusion zones

•         Approved a response to the FCC Public Notice on LTE-U/LAA-LTE and Wi-Fi

–       Supplied answers to the question on the status of coordination with 3GPP



March 2015

•         Said goodbye to the DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team

–       Reviewed the document to be presented at the WG for approval of the report

•         At the mid-week plenary discussed the reasons for sending the report to the FCC

–       Working group approved sending the report to the RR-TAG

•         Discussed next steps with the NGMN whitepaper

•         Regulatory updates

•         In 802.18 meeting, edited the DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team report per discussion (in document 18-15/0016r0)

–       Approved sending the amended report to the EC



January 2015

•         Group decided to continue proactive regulatory work

•         Discussed regulatory issues, but no external actions required

•         DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team will continue meeting to complete:

–       A survey of opinions on the two proposals

–       Report to the FCC

–       Report for 802.11 WG approval to send report and vote on the proposals

•         Discussed NGMN liaison letter and decided to reply that we will review their March white paper and send comments



November 2014


•         DSRC Tiger Team Chair discussed progress since September

–       FCC Chairman Wheeler’s letter to Senator Rubio mentioning the work of the Tiger Team was read and discussed

–       SC Chair proposed finishing the work and reporting back to the FCC by the end of January 2015

•         European Union regulatory summaries

–       Ofcom PSSR consultation results still pending

–       Ofcom concerned about WSD performance in trials

–       SE24 WI52 on sharing in 5725-5925 MHz continues

•         North America regulatory summaries

–       Globalstar NPRM status – FCC struggling with decision

–       FCC 3.5 GHz FNPRM status

–       Incentive auctions delayed again

–       NHTSA V2V ANPRM closed – awaiting response from NHTSA

•         Action items discussed

–       NPRM FCC 14-144 White Space Devices and 600 MHz

•         Group decided not to develop comments

•         Chair sent request for input to the reflector

–       NOI FCC 14-154 Above 24 GHz

•         Group decided not to develop comments

•         Chair sent request for input to the reflector




September 2014


•      DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team wrapping up its work

–       Could take until January 2015

–       Probably no consensus on a proposal


•      EU regulatory summaries

–       Ofcom PSSR consultation work continuing; to complete in October

–       EN 300 328 v1.9.1 will not be official until late February

–       EN 301 598 v1.1.1 (TVWS Devices) published

–       WGFM developing TVWS regulatory guidance document

–       WGSE working on sharing method for 5725-5925 MHz band


•      US Regulatory summaries

–       Globalstar NPRM action still pending

–       NPRM 14-30 (5 GHz bands) still pending; receiving many petitions for reconsideration

–       FCC 3.5 GHz FNPRM actions could take two years

–       FCC Open Meeting of September 30 will include new TVWS rules

–       NEW FCC KDBs on DFS and U-NII bands testing, and others


•      Group will write Ofcom consultation response for individuals to submit

–       Duty-cycle changes in 870-873 MHz band

–       October 14 deadline cannot be met for IEEE 802 response




July 2014 – Now the 802.11 and 802.15 Regulatory SC


•         Regulatory summaries

–       Asia

•         Japan 5.1 GHz band

–       EU

•         Ofcom PSSR consultation results (responses just now posted)

•         EN 300 328 v1.9.1

•         TVWS Report to ECC from WG FM

•         Ofcom WRC-15 Preparation consultation

•         Ofcom TVWS trial extension, and SE24 WI52 on sharing in 5725-5925 MHz

–       North America

•         Globalstar NPRM Reply Comments [due June 4]

•         NPRM 13-22 – R&O (FCC 14-30)

–       Many Ex Partes from WISPs

–       Prep for WRC15 complete(?)

•         FCC 3.5 GHz FNPRM [Comments were due July 14]

•         FCC/NTIA “Model City”

•         DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team update

•         No action items



May 2014

•      Re-re-elected Rich Kennedy as Chair

•         Regulatory summaries

–        European Union

•         Ofcom LTE in 2.3 and 3.4 GHz consultation

•         EC Mandate on LTE in 2.3 GHz

•         Ofcom spectrum “statements”

•         10-year spectrum plan

•         Spectrum sharing with dynamic spectrum access

–        North America

•         Globalstar NPRM Reply Comments [due June 4]

•         NPRM 13-22 – R&O (FCC 14-49)

•         Petition for reconsideration on DFS rule change

•         FCC 3.5 GHz FNPRM [Comments due 40 days after publication]

•         TV band spectrum auction planning

•         New KDB for electronic labeling

•         DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team update

–        Progress slow while waiting for results of simulations

•         May 15 FCC open meeting review

–        Protecting the Open Internet (NPRM FCC 14-61)

–        Incentive Auctions (Second R&O not yet posted)



March 2014


•      Re-elected Rich Kennedy as Chair

•         Asia, EU and North America regulatory updates

•         DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team update

–        Simulations in process

–        FCC informed of project and its status

•         ECC consultation response

–        Approved comments on LTE in 2300 to 2400 MHz

–        Decided not to file based on RCOMM directive to protect RLANs

•         Other items

–        Decided not to send Globalstar NPRM Comments

–        Decided to wait for 3GPP work item re LTE-U