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This Study Group was formed to evaluate the inclusion of "hooks" in a MAC MIB to provide PHY and MAC measurements for the use of external (above the MAC) network management. The tentative scope of the study group is:


December 4th Teleconference Information

The following IEEE 802.11k Radio Resource Measurement (RRM) teleconferences are next in the series of teleconferences in preparation for the Ft Lauderdale meeting. Most of the issues related to RRM requirements and issues have been addressed. The Ft Lauderdale meeting will require confirmation of the votes at Kauai about officers.

- Intro, Agenda, and Summary of Last Meetings - Richard Paine (10 min)
- Roaming Support - Zhun Zhong (30 min)
- Update on the Information in the RRM issues report document - Richard Paine (15 min)
- Solicitation for presentations in Ft Lauderdale (5 min)

Webex Website:
Date: Wednesday, Dec 4, 2002
Starting time: 8:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco)
Duration: 1 hour
Meeting number:
Meeting password: rrmmeeting
Teleconference: US Voice:
International Voice:
Voice Passcode:
Host: Richard Paine
Host's email address:
Next Teleconference: 12/11/02



Requirements Categories

  Data, Voice, Video
  Data QoS, wireless net (a, b, g, h)
  •   Voice RSSI, S/N, Delay, Jitter, Encryption, device processor, wireless net (a, b, g, h)
  •   Video RSSI, S/N, Encryption, device processor, wireless net (a, b, g, h)
    Diagnostics (non-802.11, 802.11, other APs)
  Access Point Table
  Station Table (BSS and IBSS)
  Link stats (counts, data rates, RSSI, link margin)
  MAC Statistics (channel utilization, total stations, events)
  Events (auth, deauth, associate, deassociate, current MIB)
  Coexistence Measurements

Topics for Papers

  Signal Strength
  Standardizing RSSI
  Real Time Parameters
  Real Time Issues
  Measuring Transmission Speeds
  Measuring Throughput in WLANs
  VOIP Radio Resource Issues
  Video Radio Resource Issues

  Additional Information needed in the MIBs (802.1x, 802.11, 802.1p)

  Diagnostics Needed for Effective Mgt of WLANs

Some documents of interest:

November Documents Zipped
02/340r0  Draft 5 Criteria for Radio Resource Measurement (Richard Paine, Boeing, et. al.)
02/337r8  Draft Radio Resource Measurement PAR (Richard Paine, Boeing et. al.)
02/652r0 RRM Example Per Client MIB objects (Mike Moreton, Synad Technologies Ltd) 
02/651r0 RRM Radio_Resource_Measurement_Tutorial (Richard Paine, Boeing) 
02/641r0 RRM Minutes for the September, October, November Teleconferences ( Richard Pain, Harry Worstell)
02/640r0 RRM Guidelines for Radio Resource Measurements
02/632r0 RRM Minutes for the September 2002 Interim ( Simon Barber, Richard Pain, Harry Worstell)
02/630r0 Overview of Cisco Per-Client Extensions to 802.11 MIB (Daryl Kaiser, Cisco Systems)
02/618r0 RRM Requirements Discussion on CCA (Bobby Jose)
02/601r0 Control (Simon Barber, Instant 802 Networks)
02/568r0 RRM Architecture (David Skellern, Cisco Systems, Inc.)
02/555r1 Big Picture Issues (Joe Kwak, InterDigital Communications)
02/528r0 RRM and WLAN/WWAN Handovers (Lars Falk, Telia)
02/527r0 Timing and Scheduling Considerations (Mehul Mehta, Synad Technologies, Ltd. )
02/512r0  Proposed_RRM_Architecture_Picture (Richard Paine, Boeing)
02/511r0  Radio_Resource_Measurement_August_28_2002_Teleconference (Richard Paine, Boeing)
02/510r0  ExistingMIBs4RRM (Byoung-Jo "J" Kim, AT&T, Simon Barber, Instant802 Networks ) 
02/509r0  August 21 Teleconference (Richard Paine, Boeing ) 
02/508r10  RRM_Draft_Outline_Requirements_&_Issues_8-28-02 (Richard Paine, Boeing)
02/508r8  RRM_Draft_Outline_Requirements_&_Issues_8-28-02 (Richard Paine, Boeing)
02/506r0  August 14  Teleconference (Richard Paine, Boeing ) 
02/505r0  August 7 Teleconference (Richard Paine, Boeing ) 
02/504r2  August 2002 teleconference minutes (Richard Paine, Boeing - Daryl Kaiser, Cisco Systems - Harry Worstell, AT&T) 
02/504r1  August 2002 teleconference minutes (Richard Paine, Boeing - Daryl Kaiser, Cisco Systems - Harry Worstell, AT&T) 
02/504r0  August 2002 teleconference minutes (Richard Paine, Boeing - Daryl Kaiser, Cisco Systems - Harry Worstell, AT&T) 
02/503r0  Radio Measurements: A candidate Approach (Daryl Kaiser, Cisco Systems)
02/474r0  Sublects for Oaoer in RRM-SG for the July 2002 Session (Richard Paine (Boeing)
          02/473r0  RRM-SG Agenda for the July 2002 Session (Harry Worstell, AT&T)
02/461r0  RRM-SG Minutes for the July 2002 Vancouver Session (Simon Barber, Instant802Networks)
02/359r0  Monitoring 802.11 Networks (Simon Barber (Instant 802 Networks)
All 802.11 documents can all be found at:





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