Status of Project IEEE 802.11ai


Fast Initial Link Set-up


Task Group Chair: Hiroshi Mano (Koden Techno Info)

Task Group Vice Chair: Marc Emmelmann (self)

Task Group Secretary: Hitoshi Morioka (SRC Software)

Task Group Editor: Lee Armstrong (US DoT)

Task Group Co-Editor: Ping Fang (Huawei)


Task Group Documents

TGai PAR & 5C

TGai Guideline for Submissions to TGai Template Slides

Use Case Reference List for TGai

TGai Requirements Document

Process for Creating TGai Draft

Use Case Document Definitions

TGai Evaluation Methodology

Specification Framework for TGai (12/151r15)

TGai Spec Framework Updating Process

September 2016, Warsaw, Poland


·         Approve meeting minutes

San Diego face-to-face meeting 11-16/1031r0

Teleconferences 11-16/1103r1


·         Submissions

·         Proposed Comment Resolutions for comments received in 4th Recirculation SB on TGai D10.0            11-16/1235r2              Marc Emmelmann

·         Changes to KDF, PRF, PKEX                                 11-16/1151r7              Dan Harkins

·         P802.11ai CID 31236                                               11-16/1251r0              Jouni Malinen

·         Cryptographic Review and PKEX                            11-16/1142r1              Paul Lambert

·         PKEX issue in 802.11ai                                            11-16/1261r2              Dan Harkins

·         Comments Spreadsheet



July 2016, San Diego, California


·         Approve meeting minutes

Waikoloa face-to-face meeting 11-16/0743r0

Teleconferences 11-16/0800r2


·         Submissions

·         TGai SB3000 Comment Overview                           11-16/853r2                Marc Emmelmann

·         Resolution for CID 30001                                        11-16/874r0                Hitoshi Morioka

·         Resolution to CID 30005 30006                               11-16/981r1                Santosh Abraham

·         Comment Resolution for DILS                                 11-16/1014r0              George Calcev

·         Comments Spreadsheet




·         Weekly teleconferences will be held on Tue. 10:00 ET from Aug 16th to Nov 1st.


Closing Report



September 2016 Goals

·         Approve to forward Conditional EC Approval



May 2016, Waikoloa, Hawaii


·         Approve meeting minutes

Atlanta face-to-face meeting 11-16/0186r0

Teleconferences 11-16/0272r9


·         Submissions

·         More Counters                                                                      11-16/0596r3              Peter Yee

·         Comment resolutions from Rob Sun                                     11-16/0552r1              Rob Sun

·         State Machine Changes                                                         11-16/0691r1              Michael Montemurro

·         Resolutions for Comments Assigned to Hitoshi                   11-16/0660r1              Hitoshi Morioka

·         PKEX comment                                                                    11-16/0598r0              Dan Harkins

·         TGai SB1 proposed resolutions clause                   11-16/0679r0              Jae Seung Lee

·         Multiple BSSID Support                                                      11-16/0586r1              Peter Khoury

·         MaxChannelTime in Probe Requests                                    11-16/0587r0              Peter Khoury

·         Resolutions for CIDs 20082 20160 20169 20080                11-16/0600r3              Mark Hamilton

·         CID 20157 resolution                                                           11-16/0585r1              Stephen McCann

·         Comment Resolution for CID 20069 20136 20138              11-16/0704r1              Xiaofei Wang

·         Resolving Deadlocks in Comment Resolution                      11-16/0712r0              Marc Emmelmann

·         Two AEAD Comments                                                        11-16/0726r0              Dan Harkins

·         Resolution of the GCM CIDs                                               11-16/0735r0              Dan Harkins



·         Comments Spreadsheet




·         10-days advanced notification.


Closing Report



July 2016 Goals

·         Comment resolutions for recirculation Sponsor Ballot.



January 2016, Atlanta, Georgia


·         Approve meeting minutes

Dallas face-to-face meeting 11-15/1482r1

Teleconferences 11-15/1483r5


·         Submissions

·         Resolutions for Assigned CIDs                                            11-16/0012r7              Hitoshi Morioka

·         Proposed Resolution for Authentication Frame Format        11-16/0021r6              Hitoshi Morioka

·         Proposed Resolutions for Clause 9.27.11                             11-16/0013r0              Hitoshi Morioka

·         Resolutions for Clause 6 Comments                                     11-16/0032r0              Adhishek Patil

·         Resolution CID 10002                                                          11-16/0139r2              Adhishek Patil

·         Resolution CID 10569                                                          11-16/0140r1              Adhishek Patil

·         TGai comments assigned to me                                             11-16/0120r2              Jouni Malinen

·         resolutions-for-pending-qc-comments                                  11-16/0146r5              Adhishek Patil

·         clause-11-with-cid-10049-changes-docx                              11-16/0164r0              Lee Armstrong

·         resolutions-kneckt                                                                 11-16/0152r1              Jarkko Kneckt

·         Resolution for CID 10534                                                    11-16/0165r1              Xiaofei Wang

·         What does it mean to be “well-encoded”?                             11-16/0171r0              Dan Harkins


·         Comments Spreadsheet




·         Weekly teleconferences will be held on Tue. 10:00 ET from Feb. 9th to May 31st.


Closing Report



March 2016

·         TGai does not meet in March.


May 2016 Goals

·         Comment resolutions for recirculation Sponsor Ballot.



November 2015, Dallas, Texas


·         Approve meeting minutes

Waikoloa face-to-face meeting 11-15/894r1

Teleconferences 11-15/1007r6


·         Submissions

·         Hashed Domain Names                                                        11-15/1244r3              Dan Harkins

·         Removing Counters from AEAD Construction                    11-15/1243r0              Dan Harkins

·         Resolution CID 100253 10254                                             11-15/1296r1              Santosh Abraham

·         cid-10210-10042-10724                                                       11-15/1409r2              George Calcev

·         proposed-resolutions-for-selected-cids                                 11-15/1293r0              Chair on behalf of Xiaofei Wang

·         No More DILS!                                                                    11-15/1425r0              Dan Harkins


·         Comments Spreadsheet




·         Teleconferences will be held on Tue. 10:00 ET on Nov. 24th, Dec. 1st, 8th, 15th, Jan. 5th and 12th.


Closing Report



January 2016 goals

·         Comment resolutions for Sponsor Ballot.



July 2015, Waikoloa, Hawaii


·         Approve meeting minutes

Vancouver face-to-face meeting 11-15/655r1

Teleconferences 11-15/759r2


·         Submissions

·         Resolution of CID 8017                                                        11-15/779r0                Dan Harkins

·         Resolution of CID 8020 from LB21                                     11-15/780r0                Dan Harkins

·         MLME-AUTHENTICATE text proposal for TGai 11-15/783r0                Mark Hamilton

·         Proposed Resolution for CID8034 and CID8035                 11-15/790r0                Hitoshi Morioka

·         Proposed Changes without CIDs                                          11-15/850r0                Hitoshi Morioka


·         Comments Spreadsheet




·         Weekly teleconferences will be held on Tue. 10:30 ET between Aug. 11th and Nov. 17th.


Closing Report



September 2015

            TGai does not meet in September.


November 2015 goals

·         Comment resolutions for Sponsor Ballot.



May 2015, Vancouver, Canada


·         Approve meeting minutes

Berlin face-to-face meeting 11-15/487r0

Teleconferences 11-15/489r4


·         Submissions

·         LB 209 & MDR: Notes on Open Issues / Unresolved CIDs                        11-15/628r1          Marc Emmelmann (self)

·         Comments Resolution from Rob Sun                                                           11-15/554r0          Rob Sun (Huawei)

·         Resolutions for some comments on 11ai/D4.0 (LB209)                               11-15/578r4          Mark Rison (Samsung)

·         Comment Resolution for CID 7229                                                              11-15/607r1          Xiaofei Wang (InterDigital)

·         Text Change for Comment Resolution for CID 7229                                   11-15/605r0          Xiaofei Wang (InterDigital)

·         FILS AEAD and GCM clarifications                                                           11-15/649r2          Jouni Malinen (Qualcomm)

·         Modification Proposal without CIDs                                                            11-15/559r4          Hitoshi Morioka (SRC Software)

·         Comment Resolution for A MDR Comment                                    11-15/666r0    Xiaofei Wang (InterDigital)

·         Cleanup of PKEX text                                                                                  11-15/657r0          Peter Yee (NSA/IAD) on behalf of Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         FILS IKM for FT                                                                                         11-15/664r1          Jouni Malinen (Qualcomm)


·         Comments Spreadsheet



·         Teleconferences will be held as following:

·         Tuesday May 26th 10:00ET / duration 1.0 hour

·         Monday Jun 22nd, 29th and Jul 6th 17:00ET / duration 2.0 hour

Closing Report



July 2015 goals

·         Finish comment resolutions for D5.0



March 2015, Berlin, Germany


·         Approve meeting minutes

Atlanta face-to-face meeting 11-15/246r1

Teleconferences 11-15/390r0


·         Submissions

·         LB209 Comment Resolutions Assigned to Hitoshi                                      11-15/298r7          Hitoshi Morioka (SRC Software)

·         Clause 9.42 and 9.43                                                                                     11-15/361r1           Hitoshi Morioka (SRC Software)

·         Clause                                                                                           11-15/423r0           Hitoshi Morioka (SRC Software)

·         Resolution to CID 7054                                                                                11-15/387r1          Ping Fang (Huawei)

·         Resolution to Various CIDs                                                                          11-15/386r2          George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         Proposed Resolution Text for CID 7139                                                      11-15/297r2          George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         some-dnh-comments                                                                                     11-15/401r1          Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         LB209 CID Resolutions – Kneckt                                                                11-15/323r2          Jarkko Kneckt (Nokia)

·         Normative Text – CIDs for Jarkko Kneckt                                                   11-15/324r2          Jarkko Kneckt (Nokia)

·         Comment resolutions for D4.0 - 1st set                                                        11-15/421r1          George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         LB209 Suggested Comment Resolutions                                                      11-15/299r3          Marc Emmelmann (self)

·         Introducing PKEX                                                                                        11-15/291r1          Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         Resolution for CID for 7429 and others                                                       11-15/406r1          George Cherian on behalf of Santosh Abraham (Qualcomm)

·         Lb209-comments-resolutions-on-draft-d4.0                                     11-15/422r1    George Calcev (Huawei)

·         LB209-Remaining resolutions                                                                      11-15/439r0          Jarkko Kneckt (Nokia)

·         Comment Resolution From Rob Sun                                                            11-15/428r7          Rob Sun (Huawei)

·         Resolution to CID 7288                                                                                11-15/442r2          Jarkko Kneckt (Nokia)

·         resolution-of-some-more-dnh-comments                                                      11-15/438r1          Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         A Few More DNH Comments                                                                     11-15/437r1          Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         LB209 Comment resolutions on AP-CSN                                                    11-15/435r1          Jeongki Kim (LGE)

·         Lb209-comments-resolutions-on-draft-d4_0-second_batch              11-15/434r1    George Calcev (Huawei)

·         LB 209 Resolutions for a set of CIDs                                                           11-15/440r2          Xiaofei Wang (InterDigital)

·         Resolution for various CIDs                                                                         11-15/447r1          George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         Resolution for CID 7103                                                                              11-15/444r0           George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         Resolution for 3 CIDs                                                                                   11-15/446r0           George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         Resolution for CID 7117                                                                              11-15/385r10          George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         comment-resolution-from-peter-yee                                                  11-15/443r0    Peter Yee (NSA/IAD)

·         Getting Rid of The Short SSID                                                                     11-15/453r0          Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         No More Steps                                                                                              11-15/458r0          Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         Resolution for CID 7177                                                                              11-15/459r0          Xiaofei Wang (InterDigital)


·         Comments Spreadsheet



·         Teleconferences will be held between 24th Mar and 19th May from 10:00 ET (NY Time).
Duration 1 hour

Closing Report



May 2015 goals

·         Finish comment resolutions for D4.0



January 2015, Atlanta, Georgia


·         Approve meeting minutes

San Antonio face-to-face meeting 11-14/1558r0

Teleconferences 11-14/1559r5


·         Submissions

·         Editorial comment questions                                                             11-15/0098r0  Lee Armstrong (US DoT)

·         Comment resolutions for D3.0 - 2nd set                                                       11-14/1628r3          George Cherian (Qualcomm)

·         CID 6438, 6439, 6440                                                                                  11-14/1626r2          Geroge Cherian

·         CID 6117, 6150, 6151, 6153, 6543, 6562                                                    11-14/1624r3          George Cherian

·         CID 6028, 6641                                                                                            11-14/1623r3          George Cherian

·         CID 6437                                                                                                      11-14/1625r1          George Cherian

·         CID 6791                                                                                                      11-14/1627r2          George Cherian

·         LB204 Comment Resolution Assigned to Hitoshi                                        11-14/1599r9          Hitoshi Morioka (SRC Software)

·         Fixed Annex C                                                                                              11-15/0028r2          Hitoshi Morioka

·         Proposed Resolution Text for CIDs 6903 6503 6530                                   11-15/0062r1          Santosh Abraham (Qualcomm)

·         Some comment resolutions for draft 3.0 assigned to Xiaofei Wang              11-14/1560r2          Xiaofei Wang (InterDigital)

·         LB204 Resolutions for Comments Regarding Association Timeout 11-15/0039r1  Xiaofei Wang

·         LB204 Comment Resolutions for CIDs Regarding Association Timeout     11-15/0038r0          Xiaofei Wang

·         TGai LB204 Comment Resolutions for comments regarding FD frames     11-15/0020r2          Xiaofei Wang

·         LB204 Comment Resolutions for CIDs Regarding FILS Discovery frames            11-15/0021r3      Xiaofei Wang

·         dnh-section-11-spreadsheet                                                                           11-14/1621r3          Dan Harkins (Aruba Networks)

·         Resolution of Some Section 11 CIDs                                                           11-14/1622r1          Dan Harkins

·         Comment Resolutions for  Differentiated Link Setup and CAG                   11-15/0054r1          George Calcev (Huawei)

·         Resolution cleanup for some comments to D3.0                                           11-15/0049r0          Marc Emmelmann on behalf of Ping Fang (Huawei)

·         Resolutions to CIDs from lb204                                                                   11-14/1582r2          Jarkko Kneckt (Nokia)

·         Normative text for fomment resolutions of lb204                                         11-14/1583r3          Jarkko Kneckt

·         Comments Resolution-Sec-10.3-Spreadsheet                                               11-15/0031r2          Rob Sun (Huawei)

·         Resolution to Comments : CID 6845, 6843,6765,6728,6727, 6842,6316    11-15/0032r2          Rob Sun

·         Resolutions for CID 6903-6503-6530                                                          11-15/0063r1          Santosh Abraham

·         LB204 Resolutions for CID 6063 6154 6971                                               11-15/0087r1          Xiaofei Wang

·         LB204 Comment Resolutions for CID 6063                                    11-15/0088r0  Xiaofei Wang

·         LB204 resolution for comments regarding reduced neighbor report             11-15/0042r1          Xiaofei Wang

·         LB204 Comment Resolutions for CIDs Regarding Reduced Neighbor Report        11-15/0041r1                  Xiaofei Wang

·         CID6404                                                                                                       11-15/0131r2          Hitoshi Morioka

·         key-types-and-fields                                                                          11-15/0145r1  Dan Harkins

·         a-few-more-resolutions                                                                                 11-15/0147r2          Dan Harkins

·         LB204 Comment Resolutions for CID 6225                                    11-15/0141r0  Xiaofei Wang

·         Proposed Resolution Text for CID 6064                                                      11-15/0143r2          Santosh Abraham

·         Resolution for CID 6064                                                                              11-15/0144r2          Santosh Abraham

·         Proposed Resolution Text for CIDs 6903 6503 6530                                   11-15/0152r0          Santosh Abraham

·         LB204 Resolution for Some Security CIDs                                                  11-15/0161r1          Xiaofei Wang

·         A Re-Write of Section                                                                   11-15/0162r4          Dan Harkins

·         suggested-resolutions-aead-security-comments-lb204-xls                            11-15/0165r2          Peter Yee

·         Comment resolutions for D3.0 - 3rd set                                                        11-15/0169r2          George Cherian

·         Resolutions to CIDs 6723 and 6756                                                 11-15/0166r1  Jarkko Kneckt


·         Comments Spreadsheet



·         Teleconferences will be held between 3rd Feb and 17th Mar. from 10:00 ET (NY Time).
Duration 1 hour

Closing Report



March 2015 goals

·         Comment resolutions for D4.0



November 2014, San Antonio, Texas


·         Approve meeting minutes

Athens face-to-face meeting 11-14/1332r1

Teleconferences 11-14/1361r2


·         Submissions

·         LB204 Comment Resolution to TGaq’s Comment on CAG Number           11-14/1341r2          Stephen McCann (Blackberry)

·         TGai LB204 Some Comment Resolutions for Draft 3.0 Assigned to Xiaofei Wang          11-14/1455r5  Xiaofei Wang (InterDigital)