Status of Project IEEE 802.11 VTS Study Group

Video Transport Stream

March 2008, Orlando, Florida

  1. Discussed 802.lQav/802.1Qat requirements in order to recommend appropriate 802.11 TSpec and TCLAS parameters

  1. Discussed “802.11 Network Bridge” problem and potential use of .11s 6-address frames as a solution

Goal for the May 2008 802.11 Interim meeting at Jacksonville, Florida is:

Jan 2008, Taipei, Taiwan

There are still some concerns on the VTS SG PAR/5C submission (includes two spelling errors). The issues will be discussed and addressed in the teleconferences.

Goal for the March 2008 802.11 Interim meeting is:

Nov 2007, Atlanta, Georgia

Tuesday Nov-13-2007 PM2:

    The intent of the second presentation was to add to the VTS SG scope the item "Link Adaptation Mechanisms".

Wednesday Nov-14-2007 PM2 (Joint meeting with 802.1):

Two straw polls were conducted following the above presentation to understand member interest in the techniques proposed in the above presentation --

  1. An approach to partition a packet into ‘sensitive’ and ‘not sensitive’ parts, ascertain that the ‘sensitive’ part arrived at the received intact and if it did, allow the ‘not sensitive’ part to be propagated to upper layers without verifying if it did arrive intact.

  2. An approach to add an additional encoding at the Transmitter and a corresponding decoding layer in the receiver in order to benefit from inter-packet FEC.

The straw polls and the corresponding results are :

Straw Poll-1


Allowing the 802.11 MAC layer to pass bit errors in the “unprotected” part of the packet:

 Should remain in the VTS SG PAR?

Yes: 19, No:  34


Straw Poll-2


Should the VTS SG PAR include a MAC-level FEC?

Yes: 26, No: 19

Based on the straw polls, it is clear that member interest in the technique is low.

A joint review of the VTS SG PAR submission (section 5.2 scope) and the scope statement was modified to read as follows:

            5.2 Scope of Proposed Standard: This amendment defines enhancements to the 802.11 MAC for robust video streaming.  The MAC enhancements specified in this amendment are:

    Interworking with relevant 802.1 mechanisms including, but not limited to, 802.1Qat, 802.1Qav and 802.1AS

    Link Adaptation Mechanisms

    Increased robustness in overlapping BSS environments, based upon enhancing existing 802.11 mechanisms without the requirement for a centralised management entity.

    Modified EDCA timing and parameter selection for video transport

    Asynchronous multicast streaming independent of power save modes employed by associated stations.

Straw poll on support for the above scope statement:

Do you think the scope statement in Slide#21 is  appropriate for VTS SG?

Yes: 57, No: 4

Goal for the Jan 2008 802.11 Interim meeting is:

Sep 2007, Waikoloa, Hawaii

Monday Sep-17-2007 PM2:

Wednesday Sep-19-2007 PM2:

At the closing plenary the WG Motion to approve document 07-1972r6 and (a) forward it to ExCom for approval and (b) forward it to 802.1avb for consideration was amended. The amended motion reads "move to forward the PAR and 5 Criteria document IEEE-802.11-07-1972r6 to 802.1avb for consideration".

A following straw poll was conducted to understand what the Working Group members prefer in terms of the contents of the VTS SG PAR. The choices were:

Option-A: the scope statement defines the  general problem space – video streaming over 802.11. The specifics of what is included and what is not is defined by the TG in a “principles” or “requirements” document  (3)

Option-B: the scope statement is detailed enough to describe the specific areas that will be the focus of VTS (13)

Option-C: the scope statement defines the general problem space but section 7.4 of the PAR document will include the specifics (8)

None of the above: (1)

The goal for the Nov 2007 802.11 Plenary meeting is:

July 2007, San Francisco, California

VTS Study Group Report
The VTS Study Group met at the following times -

Wednesday July-18-2007 PM1:

Wednesday July-18-2007 PM2 (jointly with 802.1AVB) :

The goal for the Sep 2007 802.11 Interim meeting is to continue to discussions related to the VTS SG PAR/5C document, complete it and forward the document for WG approval.


May 2007, Montreal, Quebec

VTS Study Group Report
The VTS Study Group met twice during the week - Tuesday May-15-2007 and Wednesday May-16-2007 at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec.
The goal for the July 2007 802 meeting is to continue to discussions related to the VTS SG PAR/5C document, complete it and forward the document for WG approval.




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