Status of Project IEEE 802.11 Study Group WPP

Wireless Performance Prediction

September 2004

Goals for September 2004 & status:

Objectives for the September meeting were:

Between the July and September meeting, NESCOM approved the formation of TGT and we became a task group. Also between July and September, we had discussion on the test template and decided that there had been enough on that topic for the moment. Here in Berlin, we had a low turnout, so we did not get a volunteer for permanent secretary. Our candidate for editor could not make the meeting, so it made little sense to appoint him without his being present.

We did hear many good presentations. Of special interest is 11-04/1009, ``Framework, Usages and Metrics Proposal for TGT''. This was presented on the last telecon, and we agreed to discuss it further in Berlin. There was a strong fear that slide 11 from this presentation dictated application level testing for evaluating wireless performance, and many in the group did not agree with this. There was also a fear that this proposal dictated open air testing, which many also did not agree with.

To come to accord, an ad hoc group met during the week to compose 11-04/1131, ``A Metrics and Methodology Starting Point for TGT'', as a response. During these ad hoc meetings, we came to better understand the proposal document and agreed with it. The "Starting Point" document served as a record to clarfy the intent of the proposal, and in the 4:00 Thursday meeting, the group passed motions approving the proposal. Due to document server issues, a straw poll was taken on the "Starting Point" document, asking whether TGT was in favor of accepting the metrics and test methodology approach, and passed unanimously. This solidifies the requirements and gives an acceptable approach to fulfilling those requirements.

Teleconference Goals

The next telecon will be on September 30 at 12 noon Eastern Time. In this teleconference, we will discuss the outcomes of the Berlin meeting.

I suggest we consider several calls for proposals. I would like to see proposals for the standard environments, and for metrics and their test methodology. There may be other subjects we should consider. Before we can do that, however, we might want to decide what each proposal must contain. I hope we can start discussion on this in the next telecon. Watch the 802.11 reflector for the details.

November Meeting Objectives

July 2004

Goals for July 2004 & status:

Our goals for the July meeting were to resolve any comments from 802 on the PAR and Five Criteria documents, and to hear technical presentations. There were no 802 comments, so we were able to spend most of the meeting time hearing technical presentations, and discussing next steps.

We are hoping for 802 EXCOM approval of the PAR and Five Criteria documents. Presuming that, we will operate under the assumption that we will be a Task Group in September.

We had half a dozen excellent presentations this time. The one probably most important in the short term was related to a test template definition (11-04/832). Several people volunteered to help refine that definition and bring it again before the group.

Our current mental model for WPP has wireless performance as a function of the test environment, under a given device configuration, with specific metrics measured that impact an application's performance. For next steps, I encourage members to consider various problems of characterization:

And finally, the metrics themselves. I strongly encourage members to consider these subject areas, compose a presentation that outlines the characterization thought process and identifies issues that are discovered. We will hear as many of these presentations as possible during teleconferences between now and September's meeting.

The next telecon will be on July 29th at 12 noon EDT. Watch the 802.11 reflector for the details.

September 2003 Objectives:

Objectives for the September meeting are:

May 2004

Goals for May 2004 & status:

Our goal for May was to come to consensus on PAR and 5 Criteria documents. We succeeded! The PAR and 5 Criteria documents were approved by the Working Group. I have to thank the people who participated in the weekly telecons and the 802.11 meetings - you made this possible.

During the week, we invited Richard Paine, chair of TGk, to talk about the goals and activities within TGk because there had been questions in the past about how WPP was different from TGk. We also had a joint meeting with 802.19, the Coexistence TAG (Steve Shellhammer, chair). This was informative and we see areas of synergy between our groups.

The next steps are:

The next telecon will be on May 27th at 12 noon EDT. After that, we will decide on a weekly basis whether to have a telecon or not, with plenty of notice given.

July 2003 Objectives:

Objectives for the July meeting are:




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