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[STDS-802-11-TGBF] Agenda request

Hello Tony,


Could you please add 21/0908r1 (Sensing Measurements: Interfaces and Reporting) to the next call’s agenda?  Contribution has already been uploaded.

I would like to call the group’s attention to the fact that this new contribution includes 2 SPs, which can be found below.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please send me a note.





SP1: Do you agree to add the following statement to the SFD:

  • CSI (that is, the channel measured during the training symbols of a received PPDU) is a type of sensing measurement result for sub-7 GHz WLAN sensing.


SP2: Do you agree to add the following text to the SFD:

  • To enable sub-7 GHz WLAN sensing, a new RXVECTOR parameter CSI_ESTIMATE is defined that contains the channel measured during the training symbols of the received PPDU.
  • A new Sensing Measurement Report frame, which allows a sensing receiver to report sensing measurements, is defined. This new frame contains at least the following two fields:
    • Measurement report control field: Contains information necessary to interpret the measurement report field.
    • Measurement report field: Carries CSI measurements obtained by a sensing receiver.
  • The format of CSI_ESTIMATE is the same one used in the measurement report field within the Sensing Measurement Report frame.
  • Transmission of the Sensing Measurement Report frame is initiated by an MLME primitive.


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