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[STDS-802-11-TGBF] 答复: IEEE 802.11bf motion request

Hi Pei,

         I will put the motion in the agenda in July plenary meeting, thanksJ



Best Regards : )

Tony Xiao Han


发件人: 周培(Zhou Pei) [mailto:zhoupei1@xxxxxxxx]
发送时间: 2021623 14:43
收件人: Hanxiao (Tony, WT Lab) <tony.hanxiao@xxxxxxxxxx>; STDS-802-11-TGBF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
抄送: HUANG LEI <huang.lei1@xxxxxxxx>; 罗朝明(Chaoming Luo) <luochaoming@xxxxxxxx>
主题: IEEE 802.11bf motion request


Hi Tony,


Based on the SP result of 21/0647r2, most of the TGbf members support that we should design a Sensing Capabilities element to carry all the sensing capabilities of a STA.

So may I request to run the motion corresponding to the Straw Poll in 21/0647r2?

Move to add the following to 11bf SFD:

802.11bf shall define a Sensing Capabilities element to carry all the sensing capabilities of a STA.

Note: The format of Sensing Capabilities element is TBD.


Besides, there are still 8 members vote none to this SP. I welcome members who voted none to discuss with me. Thanks.


Best regards,


Pei Zhou




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