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[STDS-802-11-TGBF] Offline discussion on Resolutions for MS ID and termination part 2 (doc.: 22/1170)

Hi Claudio and others who concern about this CR,


Attached please find revision 1 of this CR doc.

1) For the vice versa issue, I use the similar text to SBP Termination (suggested by Rojan in the chat box) to solve CID 634, as shown below: Sensing measurement setup(#132) termination

Replace: A sensing initiator (or sensing responder) may initiate termination of one or more sensing measurement setups by transmitting a Sensing Measurement Setup Termination frame with the Measurement Setup IDs of the measurement setups to be terminated to a sensing responder (or sensing initiator).

by: Sensing measurement setup(s) may be terminated at any time by either the sensing initiator or the sensing responder by transmitting a Sensing Measurement Setup Termination frame. (#634)


2) For the subclause Overview of Clause WLAN sensing procedure, the following changes are made:

CID 138: instance is changed to setup, as shown below:

l  A sensing measurement setup is active until terminated in a sensing measurement setup termination.

CID 139: I am open to keep or delete the following sentence:

l  In the sensing session termination, a sensing session is terminated.


Please feel free to provide your comments and suggestions. Thanks.


Best regards,




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