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[STDS-802-11-TGBF] Looking for assistance.

Someone is on the TGbf Listserv list and then forwards the email to "RFENGINEERINGUSA@xxxxxxxxx".
THis address then bounces most of the reflector traffic.

Err First Last  Address
--- ----- ----- -------
 23 07/09 08/29 RFENGINEERUSA@xxxxxxxxx
                Last error: 5.7.26 550-5.7.26 This message does not pass
                            authentication checks (SPF and DKIM both 550-5.7.26
                            do not pass). SPF check for []
                            does not pass with 550-5.7.26 ip:
                            [].To best protect our users from
                            spam, the 550-5.7.26 message has been blocked.
                            Please visit 550-5.7.26 h... (150 bytes suppressed)

I have tried contacting the email address directly, but no one is responding.
If you are forwarding Listserv traffic to " "RFENGINEERINGUSA@xxxxxxxxx", please stop.  I get daily error messages on not only TGbf reflector traffic, but 6 other lists as well.

Thank you for your assistance in locating the owner.
Kind Regards,

Jon Rosdahl                             Engineer, Senior Staff
IEEE 802 Executive Secretary   Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
office: 801-492-4023                  10871 North 5750 West
cell:   801-376-6435                   Highland, UT 84003

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