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[STDS-802-11] Summary of 802.11 decisions made during the November IEEE 802 plenary

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Working Group Reflector ---

Dear 802.11


802.11 approved several work items in the plenary meeting this week and most of those were subsequently presented to the 802 EC for review or approval.


A summary of the items follows below:

·        802.11af will distribute a draft for technical peer review


The 802.11 working group and subsequently the EC approved:

·        Submission of the Pre-Association Discovery  PAR to NesCom   & contingent extension of the Study Group

·        Submission of the Global Link PAR to NesCom  & contingent extension of the Study Group

·        A press release for 802.11ad (release pending publication of 11ad)

·        Inclusion of 802.11 topics of interest in the IEEE-SA/ETSI MOU Annex 3


WG11 approved the following and each was presented and reviewed in the EC as an information item:

·        A liaison letter announcing the formation of 802.11aq (pre-association discovery) task group (pending approval of the PAR by the Standards Board). This will be sent to the Wi-Fi Alliance.

·        A liaison note indicating that a subject titled  Path Selection: 802.11 Mesh, TRILL, 802.1 should be added to the list of areas for discussions. This will be sent to D. Romascanu in the IETF.

·        Comments on the RAC proposal to reorganize the OUI tiers. This will be sent to the RAC.


I extend my thanks to the diligent preparation efforts of the Working Group members that led to successful approval of all our proposals.


More details about the activities from the week can be obtained from documents posted on Mentor at



Bruce Kraemer

Chair 802.11







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