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[STDS-802-11] 2020-11-13 802 EC approval of all 802.11 items and Call for Candidates for TGbh chair, TGbi chair and TGme chair

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Working Group Reflector ---
Dear 802.11 members,

I am happy to report that the 802.11 EC agenda items shown below were all unanimously approved at today's 802 EC meeting.
Congratulations to everyone who contributed to these projects!

The P802.11bh, P802.11bi and P802.111REVme PARs will be submitted to NesCom for consideration at the January 2021 NesCom meeting.
The P802.11ax, P802.11ay and P802.11ba drafts will be submitted to RevCom when their respective SA balloting completes.

Given this status, I am issuing a call for candidates for the positions of:
TGbh Chair
TGbi Chair
TGme Chair

Please contact me or respond to this email if you are interested.
Best regards,


802 EC Agenda
5.031 ME* To NesCom: IEEE P802.11REVme PAR
Motion: Approve forwarding P802.11REVme PAR documentation in to NesCom
M: Stanley     S: Rosdahl
5.032 ME To NesCom: IEEE P802.11bh
5.033 ME To NesCom: IEEE P802.11bi
5.034 ME To RevCom (conditional): IEEE P802.11ax
5.035 ME To RevCom (conditional): IEEE P802.11ay
5.036 ME To RevCom (conditional): IEEE P802.11ba

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