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[STDS-802-11] TGbc -- all comments resolved -- motion for SAB recirc passed

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Working Group Reflector ---

Dear all,

	congratulations.  With today’s call, TGbc has 

** resolved all comments received from SAB on D4.0

** passed a motion (see below) to initiate the SAB Recirculation.

Carol will prepare D5.0 for this and I will get in touch with 802.11 leadership to start the process for the recirec.

Again, many thanks to all contributors. I wish you all a happy holiday season.


Motion booklet:
Comment DB:

Motion #200
SAB Recirculation of TGbc D5.0

•Having approved comment resolutions for all of the comments received from SAB on TGbc D4.0 as contained in document 11-22/1902r12 (see “LB 1000 on D4-0 All Comments” tab in,
	•Instruct the editor to prepare Draft D5.0 incorporating these resolutions, and
	•Approve SA Recirculation Ballot
		•With a minimum duration of 10 days
		•Not closing the ballot before January 2nd, 2023, 15:00h ET

Mover / Second: Abhishek Patil / John Wullert.
Yes/No/Abstain:  6/0/0 motion passes (chair did not vote)

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