Join Me** meeting credentials

Participant Instructions

Join the meeting:

On a computer, use any browser with Flash. Nothing to download.
On a phone or tablet, launch the app and enter meeting code: IEEE802.11

Join the audio conference:
Dial a phone number and enter access code, or connect via internet.

Access Code   808-571-868#
By phone:

United States - Atlanta, GA1.404.400.8750
United States - Cambridge, MA +1.857.706.3435
United States - Camden, DE+1.302.202.5900
United States - Denver, CO+1.720.650.5050
United States - Hartford, CT+1.860.970.0010
United States - Los Angeles, CA+
United States - New York, NY+1.646.307.1990
United States - New York, NY+1.646.749.3135
United States - Salt Lake City, UT +1.801.448.0006
United States - San Francisco, CA+1.415.594.5500
United States - Tampa, FL+1.813.769.0500
United States - Washington, DC+1.202.602.1295

Other international numbers available

By computer via internet:
Join the meeting, click the phone icon and select 'Call via internet'. A small download might be required.

Leader instructions

The leader needs to start the meeting from a desktop computer using the Join Me application.  While other options are possible,  they are not as simple and not documented here.

The leader needs to download the Desktop application from here.

Then run the application.  A little panel will appear with "log in" somewhere on it.  Log in using the 802.11 credentials:,  password=<ask chair for password>

You now have the option of starting or joining a call.

You should start a call using the "" option,  as this is what is documented above.

Attendee Notes

If you are an attendee,  but have also led other 802.11 meetings using the app,  and you run the app to join the meeting,  make sure you JOIN the meeting.  Don't inadvertently START it.  If you do that,  because we use only one account for 802.11 meetings,  you will kick everybody else off the call.  This happens way too often to be funny.

If you have previously installed the app, your browser may offer to start the app.  If you do that, the app may connect to a different meeting, and/or prompt for a username and password (which are not used for this meeting).  Check the credentials carefully before allowing the app to start.

Instead, if you see the app prompt, hit cancel, and use the link in the browser to start in the browser. If you need to present, the leader can transfer the presenter role to you, and then it will correctly connect our meeting to the app.

Who can use this facility?

This Join Me account is available for any official (i.e., "duly authorized") business of 802.11.   If you are arranging such a meeting,  the WG chair will supply you with account credentials to create your meetings.

Leader Caveats

Note that is it your responsibility as organizer to make sure you start your meeting on time and do not overrun.

Pay particular care if you have a meeting running before yours that is using Join Me.  If you connect to Join Me and do a "start meeting" before the end of their meeting, this has the effect of abruptly terminating the previous meeting.   Instead,  join the previous meeting and wait for it to end before performing a "start meeting".   You may need to warn any of your meeting members that have turned up early to reconnect.

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