802.11 Teleconference Information

Telecon meeting logistics

The majority of 802.11 telecon meetings use Webex. Help using Webex is here.

The chair running the meeting will send out a notification to the appropriate email reflector in advance of the meeting. The notification should contain details for joining the meeting and an agenda. The email reflectors for the various 802.11 groups can be accessed here. Additionally, details for joining the meeting are available in the 802.11 calendar (see below).

Telecon etiquette

Mute your audio if you are not speaking

Use the chat window to request to be on the queue to speak

Use a Webex identifier in the form

[<voting status>] <full name>, <affiliation>


<voting status> is your voting status: V = voter, PV = potential voter, NV = aspirant/non-voter/observer
<full name> is your full name
<affiliation> is your affiliation for that meeting

For example,

[V] Brer Rabbit, Trickster Corp.

Calendar of meetings

The 802 calendar, which contains the 802 meetings and also rolls up the working group calendars, is available here

Applicable rules

All meetings held as 802.11 or a subgroup of 802.11 are bound by the following policies and procedures:

Motions on telecons

Motions are permitted on teleconferences as follows.

During an electronic plenary or interim WG11 session.

On a teleconference held by a TG operating as an IEEE-SA Comment Resolution Committee (CRC).

On a teleconference held by a TG operating under the accelerated process, after receiving IEEE 802 Executive Committee Conditional approval for proceeding to IEEE SA ballot.

On a teleconference as announced with 10-day notice and WG Chair approval, see this anouncement from the WG Chair.

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