IEEE 802.15 Working Group

Letter Ballot #35 for LR WPANTM Alternative PHY (TG4a)

IEEE 802.15 Letter Ballot #35 is a vote to submit the contents of document

IEEE P802-15-4a/D3 [d3P802-15-4a_Draft_Standard.pdf] to Sponsor Ballot.


OPENING OF BALLOT: Thursday, June 29, 2006
CLOSING OF BALLOT: Friday, July 14, 2006, at 2300 AoE*

*Anywhere on Earth




  • This is a recirculation ballot to those who were voters of record on Letter Ballot 33.  Your voting obligation  and requirements are outlined in the following document: 

    LB 35 Voting Requirements.pdf



Please read and follow these step by step instructions to complete and submit your vote on IEEE P802.15 Letter Ballot 35. 

  1. Download and read a copy of the IEEE P802.15.4a Draft D3 and related support files.


    Supporting Documents

  1. Understand your Voting Options



    ___ DO NOT APPROVE (At least 1 Technical Required COMMENT must be submitted.)

    ___ ABSTAIN, Reason:__________________________________________________

  2. Understand how to classify your comments as Editorial (E), Technical (T), or Technical Required (TR).

(E) Editorial comments reflect recommended changes in the text which have no bearing on the functionality of the Standard.

(T) Technical comments reflect recommended changes in the text which affect the functionality and/or intent of the Standard. The voter does not require the recommended changes to be implemented to approve the Draft.

(TR) Technical Required comments reflect recommended changes in the text which affect the functionality and/or intent of the Standard. The voter requires the recommended changes be implemented or resolved to the satisfaction of the voter  to approve the Draft.

  1. Select a Voting Method

    OPTION 1. The ASCII Text based Ballot and Comment Form is a manual method ideally suited for voters who intend to submit very few or no comments. Step by step instructions for voting and commenting with this method are imbedded in the form. Download the form, follow the instructions and submit it via email to fulfill your voting obligation. (If you choose to use this method, please ignore the rest of the instructions.)  D3 Working Group Ballot and Comment ASCII Text FORM.

    OPTION 2. The Ballot and Comment Tool for Windows is a program specifically designed to facilitate the formatting of your ballot vote and comments. It is very useful for anyone intending to submit numerous comments. 

    1. Download  D3 Working Group Ballot and Comment TOOL for Windows.  In accordance with the FileMaker Developer License Agreement, use of this software is governed by a License Agreement. Please read it before you download the software. Finally, and if necessary we have provided an installation help page; please review before calling.

    2. Unzip the archive in a new directory off your root directory e.g., C:\LB35Tool\

    3. Run the program file named, P802-15-4a_D3 Solution.EXE and follow the instructions.  This program will create a data file containing your vote and comments.

    4. Vote and if required Comment on the Draft.

    5. Locate the data file containing your vote and comments. The data file is named P802-15-4a_D3_<ballot>.csv, and will be located in the new directory you created for the program files.

    6. Email the P802-15-4a_D3_<ballot>.csv data file containing your vote & comments per the instructions provided within the Ballot and Comment Tool program.

      Resend if not acknowledged within 2 business days.



Subject: LB35-your last name-your first name-your vote

  1. If you have any questions on how to submit your ballot, please contact Rick Alfvin at:



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