What People Are Saying about IEEE 802.16

This dated list includes an incomplete but nonselective collection of external references. If you have items that you'd like added to the list, notify the Working Group Chair, who compiled it.

For a reliable source of information on IEEE 802.16, please see the IEEE 802.16 Session Reports.

2004-06-03: halting this effort
Maintenance of this page has been halted due to an overabundance of material to track.
2004-06-02: The Wall Street Journal
McCaw Is Expected to Launch Wireless Broadband Service
2004-05-24: The Wall Street Journal
Tomorrow's Wi-Fi
2004-05-10: Newsweek
Wireless Made Simple
2004-05-09: The Sunday L.A. Times
WiMax' Wireless Web Access the Next Big Thing?
2004-05-03: The Financial Express
Tech Options For Robust Networks
2004-05-03: InformationWeek
Pick A Standard: Wireless Standards Proliferate
2004-04-30: Internetnews.com
Fujitsu, Wi-LAN Team for Broadband Wireless
2004-04-30: EITplanet
The New Last Mile Broadband: WiMAX
2004-04-30: eWeek
China Bends on Wireless Encryption, Continues Chip Tax
2004-04-30: Silicon Valley Business Ink.
Wi-LAN and Fujitsu Microelectronics America Expect to Produce First-to-Market WiMAX Certified System
2004-04-30: The Register
Wireline operators flock to WiMAX
2004-04-29: Techworld
WiMax - don't believe the hype
2004-04-29: iTnews Australia
Resellers get Unwired in time for Sydney launch
2004-04-29: The Hindu
Why they're all betting on broadband
2004-04-28: DMeurope
BT, France Telecom join WiMAX Forum
2004-04-27: Internetnews.com
WiMAX Inches Closer to Reality
2004-04-27: NewsFactor Network
Wireless Data-Service Options Explode
2004-04-26: Wireless IQ
The WiMax Five
2004-04-26: Techworld
BT readies UK's first broadband wireless service
2004-04-26: eWeek
Make Room for Wireless Broadband
2004-04-26: WiMAX Forum
Major Service Providers Join WiMAX Forum, Broaden Support for Global Broadband Wireless Access Standard
2004-04-24: ZDNet
Report: WiMAX to lead broadband wireless market
2004-04-14: Navini Networks
Navini Networks Joins WiMAX Forum
2004-04-14: Unstrung
AT&T Eyes Wireless Broadband
2004-04-14: 802.11 Planet
Wireless Broadband in the Windy City
2004-04-13: Chicago Tribune
Wireless competition climbs to new heights
2004-04-12: Boston Globe
To those who don't quite grasp WiFi -- make way for WiMax
2004-04-06: Unstrung
picoChip Touts WiMax
2004-04-06: Mobile Pipeline
Pre-standard WiMAX Service Launched In Chicago
2004-04-05: ZDNet UK
WiMax: The saviour of rural broadband?
2004-04-02: Techworld
Telcos' delays over WiMax could lead to technology delays
2004-03-31: The Hindu
Worth the Wait
2004-03-31: Telecomweb
WiMAX Gets a Boost from European Equipment Makers
2004-03-31: ABI Research
Proprietary Fixed Broadband Wireless Systems Gaining Speed While Support for WiMAX Builds
2004-03-31: Wireless Developer Network
WiMAX To Drive Broadband Convergence
2004-03-30: CRN
Gartner Analysts: Be Prepared To Take Advantage Of Wireless
2004-03-29: eWeek
What Is Bill Gates Thinking?
2004-03-29: USA Today
Four wireless technologies move toward starting gate
2004-03-27: Webtalkguys
Is Wi-Fi about to be replaced by WiMax?
2004-03-26: CNET News.com
Gates: Internet firms riding a 'mini bubble'
2004-03-25: InfoWorld
Intel, Alcatel team up on WiMAX
2004-03-24: IEEE
What's New @ IEEE in Wireless
2004-03-24: Business Standard
Hot new wireless technologies
2004-03-23: Siemens
Siemens Announces Plans to Develop Complete WiMAX Solution
2004-03-23: SearchMobileComputing.com
Wireless experts call for an IP overhaul
2004-03-22: TechWeb
Verizon Signs Two Equipment Deals For 3G Network
2004-03-22: ComputerWeekly.com
WiMax technology holds promise, agree experts
2004-03-21: Computerworld Australia
The promise of WiMax revealed at conference
2004-03-19: CIOL
Move Over 3G, here comes WiMax
2004-03-19: Indian Express
WiMAX targets 3G tech
2004-03-19: Wi-Fi Networking News
Alarmist WiMax Predications
2004-03-19: Forbes
CeBIT-Move over 3G, here comes WiMAX
2004-03-16: ZDNet
Is Broadband Wireless Access Back from the Dead?
2004-03-16: Redline Communications
Redline Successfully Ships Its 802.16a Product
2004-03-15: Wavesat Inc. and ZTE Corporation
Wavesat and ZTE Sign Agreement for Broadband Wireless OFDM 802.16 Based Chips
2004-03-12: Wi-Fi Networking News
Fixed Wireless is Growing
2004-03-11: CIO
CIO Award Winners
2004-03-11: Electric News Net
Irish wireless broadband permits awarded
2004-03-10: ZDNet UK
The future of wireless
2004-03-05: Tekrati Research
Revolution In The Telecom Industry
2004-03-03: EDN
Set on max: WiMAX wireless broadband generates some heat
2004-03-03: InfoWorld
Cebit to highlight high-speed networking, voice-over-IP
2004-03-01: Silicon Valley Business Ink
TowerStream Announces WiMax-Grade Fixed Wireless Internet Access in New York City
2004-03-01: The Seattle Times
More room to roam: New technology provides far-reaching wireless connections
2004-03-01: BusinessWeek
What is CEO Craig Barrett up to?
2004-02-27: IEEE Spectrum
The important but widely misunderstood IEEE 802.16 standard
2004-02-27: Straits Times
Singapore products take on the world
2004-02-27: Newark Star Ledger
Miles ahead of WiFi
2004-02-26: silicon.com
3GSM: Intel continues to bang WiMAX drum
2004-02-24: The Inquirer
Tony BlairÕs broadband Britain stopped in tracks, says Intel
2004-02-24: Light Reading
Sierra Monolithics Unveils WiMAX Chip
2004-02-24: What PC?
Broadband Britain 'stopped in its tracks'
2004-02-23: Broadband Wireless World
Broadband Wireless World 2004
2004-02-23: Wavesat Inc. and CESEC
Large-scale Chinese Communication Equipment Manufacturer Poised to Enter in the 802.16 BWA Systems Market
2004-02-23: Maravedis Inc.
BWA: The Path to ROI as PMP Market Consolidates and 802.16 Technology Matures
2004-02-22: Louisville Courier-Journal
New long-range standard may heat up wireless Internet
2004-02-20: CNET News.com
BT strikes up the broadband with WiMax
2004-02-19: internetnews.com
Centrino Platforms to Get the 'Sonoma' Touch
2004-02-19: Computing
Intel goes big on wireless broadband
2004-02-19: ZDNet UK
Intel plans for mobile wireless future
2004-02-18: BusinessWeek
Then There's UWB, WiMax, wOzNet...
2004-02-13: Electronic News
Intel: Wireless Evolution Underway
2004-02-10: Business Day (Johannesburg)
Broadband for Speedy Delivery
2004-02-05: VeriLAN, Inc.
WMAN Now Available in Portland, Oregon
2004-02-04: The Feature
Takin' It To The WiMax
2004-01-30: MSN Money
WiMax poised to nudge out fiber optics
2004-01-29: Wireless Watch
IP-based convergence comes closer but WiMAX in race against time
2004-01-29: EE Times
Broadband wireless faces hurdles
2004-01-27: San Jose Mercury-News
Intel's Widespread Wireless Vision
2004-01-27: Bangkok Post
Nomadic computing
2004-01-27: Wireless Watch/The Register
WiMAX approaches tipping point with new specs and carrier support
2004-01-26: CNET News.com
'Standards' obscure new wireless advance
2004-01-26: ADTmag
Intel makes bets on WiMAX
2004-01-26: vnunet
Intel talks up broadband wireless?
2004-01-25: DeepikaGlobal
Intel eyes Indian market for broadband wireless operations
2004-01-24: Business Times Singapore
New wireless technology may be the next big thing
2004-01-23: Wireless Business & Technology
Money Guys Say What's Hot (and Not) in Wireless
2004-01-23: PC World
Will Wireless Broadband Go WiMax?
2004-01-23: TechWorld
Vendors and carriers eye wireless broadband
2004-01-23: EE Times
Wavesat, Atmel join forces for 802.16 market
2004-01-23: International Herald Tribune
New wireless standard being backed by Intel
2004-01-23: Business Standard
Intel braves new world of WiMax
2004-01-23: CXO Today
WiMAX Pushes Speed Limit In Race To Get Ready
2004-01-23: InfoWorld
Vendors, carriers eye WiMax wireless broadband
2004-01-23: ZDNet UK
Future of wireless broadband is in the air
2004-01-22: Cyber India Online Ltd.
Reliance part of global wireless initiative
2004-01-22: TelecomWeb
Intel Senior Exec Outlines Company's Broadband Wireless Vision
2004-01-22: ZDNet UK
Intel holds out WiMax hope for 'last mile'
2004-01-22: silicon.com
WiMax gets major push from Intel
2004-01-22: Wi-LAN
Wi-LAN'S Continuity Program Delivers WiMAX Performance Today
2004-01-22: Designtechnica
Intel Outlines Broadband Wireless Vision
2004-01-22: CommsDesign
Intel sees Netstructure boards as unifier for cellular, WiMax services
2004-01-22: The Globe and Mail
Intel braves new world of WiMax
2004-01-22: internetnews.com
Intel Preps for WiMax Chips
2004-01-22: The New York Times
Intel Pursuing Much Faster Home Internet Access
2004-01-22: Ars Technica
WiMAX technology may solve 'last mile' problem for high-speed access
2004-01-21: Forbes
Global telcos probing broadband wireless
2004-01-21: CommsDesign
WiMax Forum targets first systems by end of year
2004-01-21: Intel Corp.
Intel Outlines Broadband Wireless Vision
2004-01-21: Wavesat Inc. & Atmel Corporation
Wavesat and Atmel Join Forces to Lead the 802.16 Market
2004-01-20: CommsDesign
Tutorial: Peering Into the WiMAX Spec
2004-01-20: Airspan Networks, Inc.
Unwired Australia Selects Airspan AS4030 802.16a OFDM Products for its Phase 1 Sydney Network Rollout
2004-01-20: Government Executive
Tech Insider: Across the Spectrum
2004-01-19: The Wall Street Journal
Having Rescued Qwest, Notebaert Sees Bells' Future Depending on Service, Internet
2004-01-16: Wireless Watch
Will pressure to speed up 802.11n wreck standards process?
2004-01-15: Wireless Watch
AT&T joins WiMAX Forum and boosts momentum in the last mile
2004-01-14: CNET News.com
Wireless group bulks up
2004-01-14: TMC
Fixed Wireless Broadband Market To Grow To Over $1.2 Billion By 2007, Says In-Stat
2004-01-14: WiMAX Forum
WiMAX Forum More Than Doubles Membership with Addition of Major Operators, Infrastructure and Equipment Providers
2004-01-14: Broadband Wireless Business
XO Cites Success in California LMDS Trials
2004-01-13: Red Herring
Making wireless waves
2004-01-13: ElectricNews.net
Fixed-wireless market moves ahead
2004-01-12: BusinessWeek
The Next Big Thing For Wireless?
2004-01-12: Red Herring
Wi-max: the (next) great wireless hope
2004-01-12: Broadband Wireless Business
Fixed Wireless To Grow From Standards Efforts, Report Says
2004-01-12: In-Stat/MDR
Fixed Wireless Infrastructure Will Ride a Wave of Growth on Standards
2004-01-05: Ottawa Business Journal
Look Ahead: Wi-fi makes way for wi-max in hot wireless market
2003-12-29: ComputerWorld
802.16a wireless links the last mile
2003-12-26: Prentice Hall PTR
Introduction to Wireless Communication Systems: Advanced Techniques for Signal Reception
2003-12-26: Pravda
Technologies to change our life in 2004
2003-12-25: CNN
10 technologies to watch in 2004
2003-12-17: The Taiwan Economic News
Taiwanese network equipment suppliers to benefit from Intel-supported speedy wireless network chip
2003-12-09: The Register
WiMAX trials speed up
2003-12-09: InfoWorld
IEEE: Chinese security standard could fracture Wi-Fi
2003-12-08: Business Times Singapore
Is Wi-Max the future of Wi-Fi?
2003-12-05: Korea IT News
Intel's Wireless Internet Push Sparks Battle For Next-generation Standard
2003-12-05: Digit Magazine
Former Intel exec berates Wi-Fi developers
2003-12-03: InternetNews.com
Intel: Hazards Ahead For Wi-Fi
2003-12-03: InfoWorld
Former Intel exec sets Wi-Fi crowd straight
2003-12-02: ABI Research
Contrary to Recent Announcements, WiMAX will Target Market Greater Than 20 Million Households
2003-11-30: MIT Technology Review
Wireless Goes Farther
2003-11-30: Associated Press
Middle Georgia county could be nations first to go completely wireless
2003-11-27: 3G.co.uk
First Step Towards Full Range of WiMax / 4G Applications
2003-11-27: CMPnetAsia
PCCW and Intel Team Up On Fixed Wireless Broadband Development
2003-11-24: EE Times
Russia seeks technology investment to diversify economy
2003-11-24: internetnews.com
IT's Future Is Looking Out
2003-11-24: NewsFactor Network
802.16a Wireless Links the Last Mile
2003-11-24: Military Communications Technologies, Inc.
SpectruCell and PC4 Now Support 4G Wireless Applications
2003-11-24: InfoWorld
Keeping Up With Wi-Fi
2003-11-20: Broadband Wireless Business
Unlicensed Market to Hit $2 Billion in 2008, Report Says
2003-11-20: Broadband Wireless Business
Interest in Fixed Wireless Is Rising, Report Says
2003-11-20: Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive
Intel looks to Prescott, emerging markets for '04
2003-11-19: RCR
WiMAX faces barriers
2003-11-19: Strategy Analytics
Fixed Wireless Broadband Heads Home; 20 Million Households Represent Target Market
2003-11-18: Computer Dealer News
Budding Concepts
2003-11-18: CommsWorld
WLL to Extend Reach for Telstraclear (see also errata)
2003-11-17: Newsweek
VC Inside
2003-11-17: Broadband Wireless Business
Broadband Wireless Lags DSL and Cable, Report Finds
2003-11-17: EE Times
Russia seeks technology investment to diversify economy
2003-11-13: vnu.net
Convergence holds the key to the wireless world
2003-11-11: The Globe and Mail
Hot spot reception still lukewarm
2003-11-09: AlwaysOn
The rise of fixed wireless
2003-11-07: Upper Side Conferences
WiMAX Summit 2004
2003-11-06: The Dallas Morning News/Hoover's
More Powerful Wireless Networks, Online Music among Next Year's Hot Tech Items
2003-11-05: PC World
Public Wi-Fi Takes Shape
2003-11-05: Network World Fusion
Public WLANs slowly taking shape, Cometa CEO says
2003-11-05: DigiTimes
Proxim to introduce 802.16a wireless devices in mid-2004
2003-11-04: Converge!
NGN Keynote: The Wireless Wave
2003-11-04: Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks and Intel Sign Agreement to Develop WiMAX-Certified Broadband Wireless Access Systems
2003-11-04: Airspan Networks
Airspan Selects Intel Technology for 802.16 Product Development
2003-11-04: Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks President and CEO to Speak on Wireless MANs, WiMAX at NGN 2003
2003-11-03: eWeek
Wireless Week Update
2003-11-03: Harvard Business School: The Harbus Online
Intel & Otellini Charge Forward
2003-11-03: Rocky Mountain News
Hot Technology
2003-11-01: Business 2.0
10 Technologies to Watch in 2004
2003-10-31: Airspan Networks
Airspan Announces New Range of 802.16 OFDM Products
2003-10-30: Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks President and CEO to Speak on Wireless MANs, WiMAX at NGN 2003
2003-10-28: Globes
WiMAX potential in Alvarion price
2003-10-28: ZDNet UK
Intel ready for upswing
2003-10-27: Yahoo Finance
10th Annual WCA Symposium in January Features Wireless Broadband's Leaders
2003-10-23: CNET News.com Radio (audio format)
Wi-Fi's big brother
2003-10-23: The Economic Times
Intel launches wireless WiMax
2003-10-23: CNETAsia
India can lead in wireless future: Intel
2003-10-23: InfoWorld
Intel helps study wireless applications for rural areas
2003-10-23: Wi-LAN and Altitude Telecom
Wi-LAN and Altitude Telecom Announce Deployment of W-OFDM Based Broadband Wireless Products in France
2003-10-21: Cyber India Online Ltd.
Intel's roadmap touts a 'connected India'
2003-10-17: Silicon.com
ITU03: Final analysis
2003-10-17: Maravedis Inc. (from ITU Telecom World 2003 Daily news, 17 Oct 2003)
BWA in Africa
2003-10-17: Broadband Wireless Online
Broadband Wireless Lags DSL and Cable, Report Finds
2003-10-16: CNET News.com
Broadband wireless spending expected to boom
2003-10-16: Computerworld
WiMax promises breakthrough in broadband access
2003-10-14: NewsFactor Network
Intel Issues Call to Arms on Spectrum
2003-10-13: Wall Street Journal (Subscription required)
Stuck in the Slow Lane
2003-10-13: BusinessWeek
For Telecom, Wireless Signals Hope
2003-10-12: ITU Telecom World 2003
Wireless Technologies on the Move
2003-10-10: Intel Corp.
Intel Charts Progress Toward Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity At Telecom World
2003-10-10: Wi-Fi Planet
WiMax Making Strides
2003-10-09: WiMAX
WiMAX Receives CNET Networks' "Most Promising Technology of the Year" Award
2003-10-09: ZDNet UK
Broadband access dominates UK tech award
2003-10-07: Redline Communications
Redline Communications Debuts its IEEE 802.16a Compliant Broadband Wireless System
2003-10-07: picoChip Designs Ltd
picoChip Secures Second Round Funding Of $17 million
2003-10-07: The Star, Malaysia
Intel takes on adaptive wireless tech
2003-10-06: EE Times
New client architectures will bloom in digital home, exec tells comms conference
2003-10-06: Wavesat Wireless
Wavesat Wireless Announces DM216 OFDM Chip - New Broadband Wireless Technology Meets 100% the IEEE 802.16 Standard
2003-10-03: allNetDevices
First 802.16a Product to Debut This Month
2003-10-03: The Register
WIMAX trials give new hope for broadband wireless specialists
2003-10-02: ITU Telecom World 2003
Redline To Introduce IEEE 802.16a Compliant Product Offering
2003-10-02: VeriLAN, Inc.
VeriLAN Broadcasts Wireless Broadband To Portland, Oregon
2003-10-01: ARCchart ltd.
WiMAX: The Critical Wireless Standard
2003-10-01: REMEC, Inc.
REMEC Announces WiMAX Membership
2003-10-01: Linux Devices
Bluetooth, Wi-fi expected on 25 million vehicles within 5 years
2003-10-01: Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN to Co-Develop Semiconductor Intellectual Property Cores with Leading Semiconductor IP Supplier
2003-09-30: ABI
Bluetooth Only One of Many Wireless Technologies Destined for the Vehicle, According To ABI
2003-09-29: Communication Systems Design
Intel CTO sees comms convergence breeding diversity?
2003-09-29: Aperto Networks
MVS Comunicaciones Selects Aperto Networks for Nationwide Deployment of Broadband Wireless Access in Mexico
2003-09-26: Wireless Watch/The Register
WiMax: weapon or threat as wired carriers lose to wireless?
2003-09-25: What's New @ IEEE in Wireless?
The Wireless Last Mile: IEEE Spectrum Reports
2003-09-23: CNET Asia
Good times will be back: Intel
2003-09-19: WirelessDevNet
Intel Silicon Innovation, Converged Technologies Fuel Future Wireless Communication Growth
2003-09-19: IDG Singapore
Biggest radio challenges outside US, Intel says
2003-09-18: Intel Corporation
Intel Silicon Innovation, Converged Technologies Fuel Future Wireless Communication Growth
2003-09-18: CNET Asia
Intel tunes in a radio future
2003-09-18: iT News, Australia
No more copper: Gelsinger
2003-09-18: eWeek
Intel to Ship WiMAX Products in 2004
2003-09-18: The Register
Intel announces death of copper
2003-09-18: InfoWorld
Biggest radio challenges outside US, Intel says
2003-09-18: Computerworld Singapore
China Motion Telecom Joins WiMAX Forum
2003-09-17: NewsFactor Network
Broadband Web Access Soars Worldwide
2003-09-17: PC Pro
IDF Fall 2003: Intel showcases virtual hardware
2003-09-17: Cyber India Online Ltd.
Intel maps out future chip architectures
2003-09-16: International Telecommunication Union (ITU): Strategy and Policy Unit
ITU Internet Reports: Birth of Broadband
2003-09-15: International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
The Impact of New Technologies such as Broadband and VOIP on Telecommunication Markets
2003-09-16: San Diego Union-Tribune
Wireless Net firm bets timing is right
2003-09-11: picoChip Designs
picoChip announces HSDPA: 14Mbps with software-defined 3G basestation
2003-09-08: Deloitte & Touche
TMT Trends: A Focus on Telecommunications
2003-09-03: ABI
Standards Revitalizing Broadband Wireless Access
2003-09-03: License-Exempt Alliance (LEA)
Comments of the License-Exempt Alliance in FCC ET Docket No. 03-122 (Unlicensed U-NII Devices in the 5 GHz Band)
2003-09-01: IEEE Spectrum
The Wireless Last Mile (Cover Story)
2003-09-01: IEEE Spectrum
IEEE 802.11 and 802.16: A Tale of Two Standards
2003-08-29: InfoWorld
Intel plans wireless, digital home R&D center in Korea
2003-08-29: eWeek
Intel to Promote the Wireless World
2003-08-29: ExtremeTech
Intel Developer Forum To Play Up Wireless
2003-08-26: Wi-Fi Planet
802.16: A Look Under the Hood
2003-08-26: Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN's Libra 5800 Fixed Wireless Access Product Receives Certification In China
2003-08-19: Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN Hosts China's Minister of Commerce
2003-08-19: Electronics News (Australia)
Intel develops 'last mile' silicon
2003-08-18: Wi-Fi Planet
802.16: The Future in Last Mile Wireless Connectivity
2003-08-18: EE Times
Intel Unbound Plays Wireless
2003-08-11: Wi-Fi Watch
The full analysis: WiMAX remains backhaul's best hope despite broadband and Wi-Fi challenges
2003-08-07: Intel Corp.
IEEE 802.16 and WiMAX: Broadband Wireless Access for Everyone (White Paper)
2003-08-01: Technology@Intel Magazine
IEEE 802.16 WirelessMAN Specification Accelerates Wireless Broadband Access
2003-07-31: NewsFactor Network
Wireless Special Report: Intel Pursues 'Last Mile' Wireless Broadband Technology
2003-07-31: ABI Research
WiMAX Revitalizes Broadband Wireless Access through New Standards and Rebranding
2003-07-31: INQ7.net
Local operator eyes "Wi-Max" instead of Wi-Fi mart in Philippines
2003-07-30: IEEE Standards Association
IEEE Approves Two Amendments to Wireless Local and Metropolitan Area Network Standards
2003-07-29: Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Joins WiMAX Forum
2003-07-28: 802.11 Planet
Wireless Backhaul on the Cheap
2003-07-24: Sa Jose Mercury-News
Things to do: IEEE Chapter talk on "Broadband Wireless Access via IEEE 802.16 - The Next Frontier"
2003-07-23: French Embassy in the United States
l’Internet haut-débit sans-fil se réoriente vers les applications non soumises à licence
2003-07-17: 802.11 Planet
802.16: A Future Option for Wireless MANs
2003-07-16: Intel Corporation/WCA
WiMAX/IEEE 802.16 Technology Briefing
2003-07-14: Wireless Communications Association International
WCA 2003 Boosts Industry With Compelling Speakers & Exhibitors, Plus Increased Attendance
2003-07-14: vnunet
Intel turns to wireless broadband
2003-07-14: The New York Times
Led by Intel, True Believers in Wi-Fi Say It Will Endure  (see also reprint 1 or reprint 2)
2003-07-14: International Herald Tribune
Wi-Fi's true believers see powerful 'grass-roots' force
2003-07-14: EE Times
Intel stokes fixed-wireless fire
2003-07-14: Wavesat/ioWave
Wavesat and ioWave Sign MOU Agreement for Broadband Wireless OFDM 802.16 Based Chips
2003-07-24: San Jose Mercury-News
Things to do: Wireless Communications Alliance, Technical Application and Networking meeting
2003-07-10: Broadband Wireless Online
Equipment Vendors Team With Intel on 802.16a Chips
2003-07-10: TechNewsWorld
Intel To Focus on Broadband Wireless Chips
2003-07-10: Network World Fusion
Intel to develop chip for broadband wireless apps
2003-07-10: Computerworld Hong Kong
Intel to develop chip for broadband wireless apps
2003-07-10: ZDNet UK
Broadband wireless goes to the max
2003-07-09: Wall Street Journal (Subscription required)
Intel to Provide Chips to Alvarion
2003-07-09: ExtremeTech
Intel Will Produce WiMAX Silicon
2003-07-09: The Inquirer
WiMAX set to overshadow Wi-Fi
2003-07-09: 802.11 Planet
Intel Pledges to Develop WiMAX Silicon
2003-07-09: internetnews.com
Intel Pledges to Develop WiMAX Silicon
2003-07-09: New York Times/CNET News.com
Intel teams with wireless gear maker
2003-07-09: ZDNet/CNET News.com
Intel teams with wireless gear maker
2003-07-09: BusinessWeek/CNET News.com
Intel teams with wireless gear maker
2003-07-09: Enterprise Networks & Servers
Intel Will Develop 802.16a Silicon for 'Last Mile' Wireless Broadband Solutions
2003-07-09: Electronic News
Intel Goes After 'Last Mile' with 802.16a Silicon
2003-07-09: RCR Wireless
Intel to develop 802.16a products
2003-07-09: Communication Systems Design
Intel, Alvarion team for wireless broadband development
2003-07-09: Wireless Week
WiMAX Moves Forward
2003-07-09: Globes
Alvarion signs cooperation agreement with Intel
2003-07-09: Alvarion/Intel
Alvarion and Intel Sign Strategic Agreement to Develop WiMAX-Certified Broadband Wireless Access Systems
2003-07-09: Intel
Intel To Develop 802.16a Silicon For "Last Mile" Wireless Broadband Solutions
2003-07-09: Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks Accelerates Development of IEEE 802.16a Standards Compliance
2003-07-09: Andrew Corporation
Andrew Corporation Joins WiMAX Forum
2003-07-08: Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Newswires
Wireless-Fidelity Gaining Ground In Tech-Savvy Singapore
2003-07-07: Samsung/KRNET 2003
2003-07-07: International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
WiFi and WiMax: Exploiting advanced visions to optimize network services and applications
2003-07-07: International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Promoting Broadband
2003-07-07: Dedicado
Dedicado of Uruguay Selects Airspan Networks' Wireless DSL Technology
2003-07-07: Maui Sky Fiber
Maui Sky Fiber Deploys Aperto PacketWave to Launch Business-Grade Wireless
2003-07-02: Computerworld
Nextel wins bidding for WorldCom's broadband spectrum
2003-06-26: Computerworld
UN pushes Wi-Fi to bridge digital divide
2003-06-26: 802.11 Planet
World Wireless Web
2003-06-25: Australia.internet.com
World Wireless Web
2003-06-23: ITWorld.com
WMANs - New life for an old concept
2003-06-20: NewsFactor Network
Wireless Strategies: Making the Right Move
2003-06-16: Globes
Wireless extension
2003-06-13: IEEE Spectrum
Broadband A Go-Go
2003-06-12: News & Observer
ISP acquires wireless provider
2003-06-10: 802.11 Planet
WiMAX Adds Members, Sets Standards
2003-06-10: Wireless Week
WiMAX Certifies 18, Selects Interop Profile
2003-06-10: RCR Wireless
WiMAX Forum adds 18 members
2003-06-10: ExtremeTech
Atheros, 17 Others Join WiMax Group
2003-06-10: Atheros Communications
Atheros Joins WiMAX Forum
2003-06-10: WiMAX Forum
WiMAX New Member Supporting Comments
2003-06-10: WiMAX Forum
WiMAX Announces 18 New Members, Selection of First System Profiles; Forum Gains Critical Momentum Toward First Interoperable Products for Last Mile Broadband Wireless Access
2003-06-05: eWeek
Tempered Expectations Mark Telecom Industry
2003-06-02: PHONE+
Visionary Shares Possible Future for Wi-Fi
2003-06-02: ADTmag
WiMAX standard will augment Wi-Fi, report says
2003-06-01: Wireless Watch
Intel, a company that wants it all
2003-05-25: Economic TeleDevelopment Forum
Deliverance: the Unlicensed Marriage of Wi-Fi and WiMAX
2003-05-23: Electronics News
Next step after Wi-Fi is here, study says
2003-05-22: Wireless Watch
WiMAX growth could outshine Wi-Fi's as Intel promises chipsets
2003-05-21: CNET News.com
30 years of Ethernet gains
2003-05-20: Broadband Wireless Business Magazine
Wireless MAN Market To Expand in 2004, Study Finds
2003-05-20: Visant Strategies, Inc.
802.16a/WiMAX, The Next Step after WiFi is Really Here, Visant Study Says
2003-05-19: AlwaysOn
Trouble Ahead for DSL
2003-05-19: ZDNet
Intel plans 802.11g Centrino this year
2003-05-16: EE Times
Fixed Broadband Wireless
2003-05-16: EE Times
Dueling standards bodies eye the broadband wireless ring
2003-05-16: EE Times
802.16a preps wireless for prime time
2003-05-16: EE Times
WiMax rolls interop guidelines for 802.16a
2003-05-16: EE Times
What are your choices? Comparing broadband wireless options
2003-05-16: EE Times
802.20 unlocks the potential for IP-based mobile broadband access
2003-05-16: InfoWorld
Wireless strategies: Making the right move
2003-05-13: Redline Communications Inc.
Redline Joins WiMAX Forum As A Principal Member, Proving Leadership In Implementing The New Broadband Wireless Standard
2003-05-13: National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Welcoming Remarks: "Wireless Innovations: New Technologies and Evolving Policies"
2003-05-08: U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Tallk at the Connections 2003 Conference
2003-05-07: ComputerWorld
Trends in wireless said to include record IT federal spending, MANs
2003-05-07: Whirlpool
Is there a future for wired broadband?
2003-05-02: InternetNews.com
MAN Evolves with Wireless Standard 802.16
2003-05-01: SearchMobileComputing
Replacing your T1 with nothing but air
2003-04-29: Business 2.0
Covering the Last Mile, Finally
2003-04-28: U.S. Dept. of Commerce
The Broadband Revolution is Alive & Well...
2003-04-26: Santa Clara Valley MTT Chapter
802.16 Broad Band Wireless WAN Standards and Chipsets
2003-04-24: National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Special Address: Spectrum Allocation and Other Issues
2003-04-21: eWeek
Get Ready for Wi-Max
2003-04-21: Network World Fusion
802.20, 802.16e throw curveballs at 3G
2003-04-14: Forbes Magazine
2003-04-14: EE Times
Forum to certify .16a wireless equipment
2003-04-13: Time Magazine
Will You Buy WiFi?
2003-04-09: The Sacramento Bee
Plugged In
2003-04-09: Telephony
WiMax Forum unites BWA, Wi-Fi interests
2003-04-09: The Globe and Mail
Consortium challenges Net providers
2003-04-09: ComputerWeekly
Wireless suppliers plan cheap, high-speed Mans
2003-04-08: Montana Associated Technology Roundtables
Wireless vendors plan low-cost, high-speed metropolitan networks
2003-04-07: San Francisco Business Times
Coming unwired: Is your business ready for MAN?
2003-04-02: Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks to Speak at Three Sessions at Broadband Wireless World 2003
2003-03-31: EE Times
802.16a tapped for wireless MANs
2003-03-25: EE Times
Fujitsu to offer 802.16a IC for wireless metro networks
2003-03-21: Boston Internet.com
Time Warner Telecom 'MAN'-Handles Baby Bells
2003-03-20: CommVerge
Wave Propagation
2003-03-20: Fujitsu Microelectronics America
Fujitsu Microelectronics America to Deliver a Major Presentation on the 802.16a Standard at Broadband Wireless World Conference in San Jose April 10
2003-03-07: Gen-WAN Technology
Gen-WAN Technology launches 802.16a WLAN equipment
2003-03-05: Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN and Swift Networks of Nigeria Announce Deployment of Libra Wireless Products
2003-03-05: Chameleon Technology
Chameleon Technology Unveils Intelligent Software System to Solve Broadband's Last-Mile Delivery Issues
2003-03-04: PC Magazine
Wireless Mess Dept.
2003-03-03: Wavesat Wireless Inc.
Wavesat Wireless Announces the "First to Market" Proven "Non Line of Sight" OFDM Chip
2003-03-03: Communication Systems Design
The land of the blind
2003-02-21: Comtech AHA Corporation
Comtech AHA Corporation Announces IEEE 802.16a Compliant Turbo Product Code Encoder/Decoder
2003-02-19: Fujitsu Microelectronics America
Fujitsu Microelectronics America to Provide Two Major Presentations at Wireless Systems Design Conference and Expo in San Jose February 26
2003-02-19: TechCentral/Malaysia
More options for wireless broadband
2003-02-17: EE Times
Roaming nets propel digital media market
2003-02-12: EE Times Asia
Fujitsu teams with Wi-LAN to develop W-OFDM chipset
2003-02-11: EE Times
A visit to the comms kennel
2003-02-10: Network World Fusion
BWA inches forward on standards front
2003-02-10: Network World Fusion
Recent moves affect satellite, 3G, last mile and LANs
2003-02-05: unstrung.com
IEEE Extends 802.16 Standard
2003-02-05: mobileinfo.com
IEEE Approves 802.16 Specifications
2003-02-04: CNET News.com
Telecom: Is Wi-Fi the missing link?; see also:
2003-02-04: unstrung.com
MANs to Go Walkabout
2003-02-04: Wi-LAN
Wi-LAN's Patented W-OFDM Technology Incorporated into Universal WirelessMAN Standard
2003-02-03: Broadband Wireless Business Magazine
IEEE Approves 802.16a WirelessMAN Standard
2003-01-31: Golem.de
New standard for wireless broadband networks (translated from German)
2003-01-31: eWeek
New Wireless Standard, Same IT Issues
2003-01-31: internetnews.com
IEEE Advances Wireless MAN Standard; see also:
2003-01-31: Slashdot
IEEE Standards Board Passes 802.16a
2003-01-31: robertshaw.info
[802.16a Approval]
2003-01-30: EE Times
IEEE 802.16 spec could disrupt wireless landscape; see also:
2003-01-30: IEEE Standards Association
IEEE Extends WirelessMAN™ Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Network Standard to Support Residential Applications
2003-01-15: Due Diligence
I love the IEEE
2003-01-15: IEEE Grid
The IEEE 802.16 WirelessMAN Standard for Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
2003-01-07: Silicon Investor
The Myth of Wi-Fi
2003-01-06: Network Magazine
Unwiring the Last Mile
2002-12-16: Wireless Communications Association
WCA To Honor IEEE Wireless Standards Leader Roger Marks of NIST For Vision, Achievements
2002-11-13: Broadband Wireless Business
Report Profiles Five-Year Growth for NLOS Market
2002-11-13: Broadband Wireless Business
Wi-LAN Offers LIBRA Fixed Wireless Products
2002-11-07: Broadband Wireless Business
TDD Coalition Cites Progress in Its First Year
2002-11-01: Broadband Wireless Business
Telcos Should Implement WLANs, Report Says
2002-10-30: Network World Fusion
IEEE 802.16, WiMax Forum signify BWA progress
2002-10-11: Broadband Wireless Business
Telnecity Group Joins WiMAX Forum
2002-09-10: Wireless Communications Association
IEEE 802.16 BWA Standards Chair To Keynote WCA Symposium & Business Expo In San Jose
2002-09-09: Broadband Wireless Business
Wi-LAN and Fujitsu Team on SoC Solution
2002-09-01: CIO Magazine
The China Syndrome
2002-09-01: KT Standardization Trends (Korea Telecom)
IEEE 802.16 WirelessMANTM
2002-08-08: iApplianceWeb
IEEE 802.16 brings broadband wireless access to iappliances
2002-07-17: Electronic Engineering
A solution for unified RF system and circuit design
2002-06-10: New York Times
2 Tinkerers Say They've Found a Cheap Way to Broadband
2002-05-01: Broadband Wireless Business
What WECA Did for 802.11, WiMAX Strives To Do for 802.16
2002-04-15: EE Times
Fixed wireless access rides wave of support
2002-04-15: EE Times
IEEE 802.16 marks broadband wireless access maturation
2002-04-15: EE Times
Fixed broadband wireless access versus wireless LANs
2002-04-11: Broadband Wireless Exchange
OFDM Forum Draws Over 150 Attendees
2002-04-01: TelephonyOnline
Taking a Cue From Cable
2002-03-07: Red Herring
Broadband networks aim high: How wireless MANs work
2002-02-25: Ken Stanwood at European Wireless 2002 Conference
Achieving Interoperability with IEEE 802.16-Compliant Systems
2002-02-20: Nokia Networks
Nokia and Siemens announce joint support for a global open standard for broadband wireless networks
2002-01-02: Communication Systems Design
ETSI goes for US approach in broadband wireless access standard

What People Are Saying about IEEE 802.16 (older, undated compilation)

This list includes an incomplete but nonselective collection of external references to IEEE 802.16. If you have items that you'd like added to the list, notify Roger Marks, who compiled it.
802.11 Planet
OFDM: Old Technology for New Markets
Aachen University of Technology
Configuration optimale d'un protocole de liaison de données pour réseaux d'accès fixes sans fil basés sur ATM
BWA Links
AHA Submits Technology for IEEE 802.16.3 MMDS Standard Advancing the Wireless Internet Market
Airspan Networks
Airspan Networks Integrates Wi-Fi Technology Into Its Subscriber Terminals
Allied Business Intelligence
MMDS & Broadband Wireless Access
Allied Business Intelligence
MMDS & Broadband Wireless Access
Allied Business Intelligence
Unlicensed Spectrum: Reducing the Barriers to Broadband in the Local Loop
LMDS System Overview with Altera Solutions
Viterbi Decoder Core Fully Compliant With the New IEEE 802.16 Standard
Amigo Communication
The Disclosure of Mystery Veil [PDF]
Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks Serves in Lead Roles for IEEE 802.16
IEEE Group Forms New Standard
Australian Broadband News
Is there a future for wired broadband?
Cowboys On The Air
Australian IT
Wireless broadband standard
Axon Computers
IEEE 802.16 for broadband wireless
BeamReach Networks Completes Design of High Performance ASIC for NLOS Broadband Wireless Access Systems
IEEE 802.16
Brazosport College
Fundamentals of Networking
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The Long Road to Wireless Standards
Broadband Wireless Business
When Wi-Fi Meets Mesh
Broadband Wireless Business
IEEE Approves 802.16 Standard for Fixed Wireless MANs
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A New Standard for Fixed Wireless
Broadband Wireless Business
Efforts by Standards Bodies May Hold the Key to MMDS' Future
Broadband Wireless Business
Western Multiplex Launches Ethernet Bridge
Broadband Wireless Business
TDD Coalition Aims to Drive Broadband Wireless Industry
Broadband Wireless Exchange
Broadband Wireless Standards Bodies
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Broadband Wireless World 2003
Broadband Wireless World Forum
The Largest and Most Comprehensive Exhibition Of Fixed Wireless Equipment and Technology is Coming To Anaheim, Calif.
Broadband World
Broadband Wireless Access Stream
Business 2.0
IEEE 802.16 Web Guide
Business Wire
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16 Sets Stage for Growth of Metropolitan Area Networks Using Fixed Broadband Wireless
IEEE 802.16
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Cable AML Joins LMDS Standards Group
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Carnegie Mellon University
Wireless Communications Syllabus
Carnegie Mellon University
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IEEE 802.16
IEEE 802.16
802/16 Article
CED Magazine
Fixed wireless standards missing the mark
Reti di accesso a banda larga e lo standard IEEE 802.16
Chicago Tribune
Wi-Fi link non-stop lifeline for Web users; System finds a niche outdoors
Chicago Tribune
Industry counts on high-speed recovery
Churchill, Sam
University Park Wireless Proposal
China Telecom
Runcom to Announce Int'l Interactive TV Standard and Major Contract at NAB 2001
Redline Appoints Thomas Hearne as Chief Financial Officer
Bergana Communications Secures $12 Million 1st Round
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16 Sets Stage for Growth of Metropolitan Area Networks Using Fixed Broadband Wireless
Altera's Latest Viterbi Decoder Core Provides the Industry's Best Performance
Com21 Closes Wireless Business Unit
Commsonic 802.16a WirelessMAN OFDM modulator and demodulator design
Communication Systems Design
Standardizing Fixed Broadband Wireless
Communications Design Conference
Building Fixed Broadband Wireless Architectures
Construction Industry Marketplace
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16
IEEE Group Forms New Standard for Wireless Networking
Continental Automated Buildings Association
Converge! Network Digest
Netro Proposes Open Standard for Packet-On-Demand Air Interface
Broadband Wireless Access
Cryptography & Network Security
Tech News
About Broadband Communications
ITO Sponsored Research
Wireless Datacommunication
News: Meeting der IEEE Working Group 802
Schedule of Standards Meetings
Mobile and Wireless
Distributed Systems Online
Wireless and Mobile Standards and Protocols
Duke University
Wireless Internet Technologies
2002-09-10: EE Times
Fujitsu, Wi-LAN to jointly develop wireless chip sets
EE Times
Broadband wireless hunts for a fix
EE Times
Fixed wireless gets its day in the sun
EE Times
LMDS, MMDS race for low-cost implementation
EE Times
Wireless coalition prompts IEEE eruption
EE Times
OFDM shoulders heavy RF traffic
EE Times
IEEE Takes on Broadband Wireless
EE Times
IEEE group gains ground on wireless standards
EE Times
Congestion taxes QoS delivery
EE Times
Open-Systems Push Sweeps Broadband (broken link)
EE Times
N-WEST Urges Broadband Wireless Standards
EE Times
Groups Eye Unified Broadband Wireless Specs: Standards Efforts from Europe, Japan and U.S. Coalesce around Gigahertz Networks
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Company Associations
Ensemble Communications
Ensemble Endorses IEEE 802.16 Standard; Global Standard a Catalyst for Industry Resurgence, Wide-Scale Deployments
Publications of KVS Hari
ETNet China
IEEE 802.16
European Institute
Cooperative International Wireless Standardization
Is OFDM Ready for Prime Time?
Frost & Sullivan
Wireless Broadband Service Providers Need to Consider Non-Traditional Factors
Fujitsu Microelectronics
Fujitsu Microelectronics to Show Latest in 32-bit, 16-bit MCUs, New Industry-Leading Fingerprint Sensors, Graphic Controllers at Embedded Systems West
Gabriel Electronics
Press Release
Gilliam, James O.
Fixed Wireless: A Viable Alternative in Broadband Technology
Global Information Inc.
Broadband Wireless Access
Global Information, Inc.
Unlicensed Spectrum: Reducing the Barriers to Broadband in the Local Loop
Global Telephony
How does your Broadband garden grow?
Standardising a world without wires
Hanyang University
Hari, KVS
Heise News-Ticker
Internet per Funk statt Kabel
Cowboys in the Lone Star Country
Links - Wireless Imaging
iCODING Technology Inc.
White Papers
Idris Communications
IEEE Approves First Broadband Wireless Access Standard -- IEEE 802.16™
What's New @ IEEE in Wireless
IEEE Computer Magazine
Broadband Fixed Wireless Travels the Last Mile
IEEE Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT2001)
Government Activity to Increase Benefits from the Global Standards System
IEEE Montreal
802.16 lecture
IEEE Network
The IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless
IEEE Spectrum
Marks letter on Broadband Access
IEEE Standards
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16™ Sets Stage for Growth of Metropolitan Area Networks Using Fixed Broadband Wireless
IEEE Standards
IEEE P802 LMSC Launches New Working Group, P802.16, on Broadband Wireless Access
IEEE Standards
New IEEE WirelessHUMAN Project Developing Standards for Fixed Wireless Access in License-Exempt Bands
IEEE Standards
IEEE 802.16 Group Makes Key Decisions on Fixed Broadband Wireless Access
IEEE Standards
The Wireless Standards Zone
IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
Tutorial: Broadband Wireless Access Technologies
IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems
Digital Signal Processing Challenges in MIMO Wireless Communications
IEEE-USA Eye on Washington
Broadband Wireless
A Model for Context Transfer in IEEE 802
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Local Multi-point Distribution Services (LMDS)
IEEE 802.16 for Broadband Wireless Local Loop
Masters of the LAN Universe The IEEE 802 Committee
Here comes 802.16
The OFDM technology: 802.11a/g, hiperlan2 and 802.16
The Institute
Pilot program grants open access to IEEE 802 standards
Interactive Week
Hope for LMDS Dwindles
International Conference on Wireless Networks
International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies
International Trade Administration (U.S.): Cellular/PCS Trade Notes Newsletter
IEEE 802 Established BWA Study Group
IEEE Group Forms New Standard For Wireless Networking
Internet Watch
IEEE 802.16
Press Release
iospan wireless
News and Events
Industrial In-Plant Communications Conference
iSky Weekly
ITS America
New Wireless Standard Approved
Standardizing Fixed Broadband Wireless
Are we running out of wireless spectrum?
Broadband Wireless Techniques
IEEE 802.16
Standards oft auch fŸrs WAN
LCC International
LMDS Overview Seminar
Malibu Networks
Past Events
Victor Bahl
Microwave Flash
WCA To Honor NIST's Wireless Standards Leader Marks
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Digital Communications
Intersil to Acquire Broadband Wireless Access Leader SiCOM
Mody, Apurva
Citation details
Network Computing
Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) Design Technology
Network Computing
Network Magazine
Special Report: Fixed Wireless Services: Wonder Or Woe?
Network Magazine
Network Magazine
Letters: Emerging IEEE 802.16
Network World Fusion
IEEE 802.16 for broadband wireless
Network World Fusion
Are we running out of wireless spectrum? 04/16/01
Network World Fusion
IEEE 802.16 for broadband wireless, 09/03/01
Network World
Broadband standards: Let's get a move on!
Systemarchitektur eines funkgestŸtzten Metro-Netzes
The National Wireless Electronic Systems Testbed: Initial Development
A Wireless Testbed Project Seeks to Promote LMDS Standards
Wireless Internet Technologies
China Looks at NIST-Facilitated Broadband Wireless Access Standards
Standardization of Wireless Internet Technologies
Nova Southeastern University
IEEE 802.16 for broadband wireless access standards
OFDM Forum
OFDM Forum Signs Cooperation Agreement with ATIS Recognizing Collaboration in Standards Development for the Wireless Industry
OFDM Forum
OFDM Forum Meeting in Beijing, China Draws Over 150 Attendees: OFDM Forum Joins Membership of WiMAX Forum
Wireless Innovations through Consultancy
Oliver Baltzer
OSP Russia
Broadband Wireless Access
Pacific Telecommunications Council
Telecom Resources
Industry Standards
PC Fab
John C. IEEE 802.16: Set for "Last-Mile" WirelessMAN Delivery
PC Magazine
John C. Dvorak Discusses Wireless
PC Week
Broadband Wireless Advances
IEEE 802.16: Set for "Last-Mile" WirelessMAN
Industry Links
Personal Telco Project
802.16 Mesh
IEEE 802.16 Broadband wireless ...
Panel Sessions
Pioneer Consulting
Broadband Wireless Access: LMDS, MMDS and Broadband Wireless Systems Markets Worldwide
Portland Community LAN Resource Guide
Sprint's Broadband Plans?
Portland Community LAN Resource Guide
Wireless LAN Communities
Portland Community LAN Resource Guide
Wireless First Mile Gets A Standard
Practically Networked Home
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16
Premises Networks
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16 Sets Stage for Growth of Metropolitan Area Networks Using Fixed Broadband Wireless
Pyramid Research
Beyond DSL: 802 Technologies For Fixed Line Operators: From Wireless LAN to Wireless MAN
Réseau National de Recherche en Télécommunications
Project Turbo Access
Acknowledgement of RABC Contribution from IEEE 802.16
Radiant Networks
Radiocommunications Agency
Delegate Report - ETSI TM4 WP2 Interim
Radiocommunications Agency
IEEE 802.16.2
Radix Wireless Joins Three Leading Broadband Wireless Industry Organizations to Help Define Industry Standard
RCR Wireless
Price, simplicity will determine broadband technology winner
Redline Communications
RF Globalnet
WCA Symposium Panel Discusses Broadband Wireless Standards
Rocky Mountain News
MCI, Sprint hope to bypass Bells
Rocky Mountain News
Wireless Technology Catches New Waves
SACET Communications
Boucle localeÊ et rŽseaux locaux
Detailed Description
IEEE 802.16a
RF & Microwave Links
Threats and Countermeasures in Wireless Networking
Santa Ana Pueblo
A Communications Road Map for Santa Ana Pueblo
Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park
IEEE 802.16 Summary
Siemens IC Mobile
Siemens and Nokia announced joint support for a global open standard for broadband wireless networks
IEEE approves fixed broadband wireless
SMART Letter #31
Marks letter on 802.16
Sociedade Virtual
Tecnologia da Informação
Career Opportunities
SR Telecom
Stallings, William
Wireless Communications and Networks (textbook)
Stanford University
Wireless Broadband's Major Hurdles
Immobile wireless
Steve Stroh
Selected Broadband Wireless Internet Access Organizations
Strategis Group
Broadband Wireless Market Heats Up
Tech Web
Broadband Wireless Links
Tech Web
LMDS: Is It a Little Too Much, a Little Too Late?
Relevant Links
New Wireless Coalition Raises IEEE Ire
Telecom Newsletter
IEEE WirelessHUMAN™ Project
Telecom Newsletter
A Fixed-Wireless World: IEEE 802.16 Working Group Chair, Roger Marks, Offers His Perspective
A voice in the wilderness
Telecommunications Magazine
The 10 Hottest Telecomm Technologies
Telecommunications Online
When It Comes to Standards, More Is Not Better
Telecommunications Online
Raze Technologies: One-Stop Wireless Broadband
Telecommunications Research Associates
Understanding BWA
Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea
Broadband Wireless Access
Broadband wireless access standards
Conterra launches wireless network with Aperto gear
IEEE approves fixed broadband wireless standard
The Wireless Journal/Acronyms
The Feature
Industry Standards for Fixed Wireless; Who's Winning?
Toshiba Review
Tzerefos, Chronis
Publication List
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
New Issues in Wireless
Università di Ferrara
LMDS Documents & links
Università di Ferrara
Broadband Wireless Access Standards: IEEE 802.16
Universität Rostock
WLAN Standards
University of Canterbury
Introduction to Data Communications
University of Colorado/Leeds School of Business
History of BWA
University of Colorado
University of Hawaii
Electrical Engineering Department Seminar
University of Massachusetts
Final Project
University of Massachusetts
Multimedia Networks Laboratory Activity
University of Montana
Wireless Technology
UniversityÊof Pittsburgh
Special Topics In Wireless (
University of New South Wales
Wireless Data Communication Systems
University of Sheffield
Contributions to the IEEE 802.16 WG
University of Southern California
Wireless Cable Modem Technology
University of Stuttgart
Universities Using OPNET
University of Wollongong
Educational Delivery Technologies Laboratory
University of York
HAP Communications Design Issues
Van's Hardware Journal
Burgeoning High-Speed Metro Wireless Standard
Virginia Tech
Contribution to IEEE 802.16
Fixed broadband wireless standard approved
VTT Research
Broadband Wireless Access over two-layer LMDS with an IEEE 802.16 future
WAVE Report on Digital Media
IEEE 802.16 Standards
IEEE Today Announces Standards Progress With Global Standard For 10 To 66 GHz
License Exempt Spectrum: Links
License Exempt Groups Call For Standards Papers By Sept. 1, 2000
Wi-LAN Inc.
OFDM Forum Submits Fixed Wireless Access Standard
Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN Comments on Recent Market Activity
Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN and Major ASIC SoC Supplier Sign ASIC Development and Technology License Agreement
Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN and Fujitsu Microelectronics America to Co-Develop New System-On-Chip for Broadband Wireless Devices
IEEE 802.16a
IEEE 802.16a BWA academic research meeting
WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) Forum
WiMAX Web Site
WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) Forum
WiMAX Technical Information
IEEE 802.16
Wireless Corporation of America
Wireless Design Online
iCODING's DVB-RCS Turbo Code Core Boosts Broadband Satellite Communications
Wireless Design Online
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16 Sets Stage for Growth of Metropolitan Area Networks Using Fixed Broadband Wireless
Wireless Design Online
WCA Symposium Panel Discusses Broadband Wireless Standards
Wireless Design Online
AHA Submits Technology for IEEE 802.16.3 MMDS Standard Advancing the Wireless Internet Market
Wireless Design Online
Broadband Wireless Market Heats Up
Wireless Design Online
Adaptive Broadband Named WCA Liaison to IEEE Working Group
Wireless Design Online
TelesciCOM's Advanced Block Turbo Coding Scheme incorporated in IEEE 802.16.1 standard
Wireless Design Online
Adaptive Broadband Calls for Wireless Broadband Standards
Wireless Design Online
IEEE 802 LAN Committee Meets in Kauai, Hawaii
Wireless Design Online
InterDigital Executive to Chair Broadband Wireless Access Study Group
Wireless Design Online
IEEE 802.11 Counters Proposed FCC's Rulemaking
Wireless Networks Online
Approval of IEEE Standard 802.16
Wireless Networks Online
Ensemble, Digital Microwave Form Distribution Agreement
Wireless Networks Online
WCA Symposium panel discusses broadband wireless standards
Wireless Review
The FDD/TDD Debate
Wireless Review
Arranging the Pieces
Wireless Review
Clearwire picks Raze for first licensed trials
Wireless Russia
IEEE 802.16
Wireless Russia
IEEE 802.16
Wireless Valley
Short Courses
WLAN Forum
IEEE 802.16
Xcell Journal
Xilinx 4G Wireless Systems Article
Xchange Magazine
Looking for a Winning Hand
XCHANGE Magazine
Andrew Corp. VP Discusses Role in MMDS Development
Xilinx IEEE 802.16 Compatible Turbo Product Code
Course: Major LAN Standards
Yahoo! News: UK & Ireland
Fixed broadband wireless standard approved
Yonsei University
Broadband Wireless Access Research Team
ZAP Ventures
Broadband Industry Associations
ZDNet News
2001: The year technology shrunk
ZDNet Tech Update
Broadband Wireless Advances
Zhongzing Telecom Technology Corp.
BWA System and IEEE Standard 802.16.1
Return to 802.16 Page