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[RPRWG] Complete RPR/Java model for all three proposals


I will try to implement all three proposals:


in my RPR/Java-simulator and get some simple traffic
scenarios running before the January meeting.

I have the early November drafts of all these proposals as they are
posted on the web site. However, I need working drafts of more
details of the fairness/flow control algorithm parts of these
proposals. I talked to some of you during the Austin meeting
and you said you could send me material that would help me in 
my Java implementation effort. So please do that now.

Please make specifications as precise and algorithmic (step by
step description on what to do in different cases) as possible.

All Java code (that is all the RPR/Java models including the simulator
code itself) will be available for everyone.  If the material you send
me contains confidential information (not related to the specific
fairness/flow control algorithm), I can treat that material

I also suggest you send me traffic scenario proposals
(e.g. two for each of the Alladin, DVJ and Gandalf proposals)
that you think I should run.

I hope to be able to do this during December, but depending
on how difficult this will be, as well as what else I have
to do in my job, I can of course not promise anything.