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[RPRWG] Questions about alladin draft.


I have some questions about the "Media Access Control (Bandwidth Management
and Transit-Path)" in alladin draft.

1. What does the "link bandwidth monitor entry" measures exactly? Does it
measure per-ingress based sending rate?

2. Is it true that every ring node will send a RCM message periodically?

3. Is it true that ever node will keeps the RCM information from all the
down stream nodes so as to police the transmitting rate to different

4. How to calculate the policing rate for traffic to different destination
based on the RCM information? Is it true that a node will pick the minimum
RCM along the path to destination as the transmitting rate? I didn't find
pseudo code about that. It would be helpful if you can let me know where to
find more pseudo code about the bandwidth management algorithm in Alladin

I will highly appreciate any response from you.