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RE: [RPRWG] Comment submission

Title: Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period
Hi, Raj,
Thanks for bringing that up. The unresolved comments against D0.1 will be added to
the final comment database that we will work on in the Ottawa meeting, so there is
no need for them to be resubmitted.
If anyone would like to review the D0.1 unresolved comments and submit proposed
resolutions to them prior to the Ottawa meeting, they are available in the final D0.1
comment database in the file:
Just sort by the "Resolution" column and all of the unresolved comments will be easily
Best regards,
- Tom
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From: Raj Sharma [mailto:raj@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 4:01 PM
To: Tom Alexander; 'stds-802-17@xxxxxxxx'
Subject: RE: [RPRWG] Comment submission

What happens to the previous unresolved comments against D0.1.
Will they be still included or do we need to re-submit them against
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From: Tom Alexander [mailto:Tom_Alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 4:52 PM
To: 'stds-802-17@xxxxxxxx'
Subject: [RPRWG] Comment submission

There is only one more day until the close of the first round of comments
tomorrow (April 23rd), and I have so far received only one batch of 20
comments. Please get your comments in! While the actual comment
period closes on April 28, publication of the first round of comments will
allow WG members to identify and work on problem areas (and also
submit proposed resolutions to comments, saving time during the
Also, in the general guidelines on commenting that I'd sent out last Friday,
I forgot to mention one additional point: please do not comment on editor's
notes. Editor's notes are intended to allow the editor to point out issues or
open areas to the WG, or to identify work in progress (so that the WG
need not waste its time trying to follow a moving target); they do not qualify
as approved draft text and may appear and disappear at the discretion of
the editor. They will all be removed before the standard goes to RevCom -
indeed, I expect them to be removed before we go to Sponsor Ballot. You
may reference specific editor's notes when you make comments, but
please don't make comments on the text contained within the editor's
Best regards,
- Tom Alexander
Chief Editor, P802.17