Meeting documents 

Documents related to the January 2002 meeting

Doc number
History trail
RR-02/01r3 Tentative agenda January 2002, Dallas, TX r0, r1, r2  
RR-02/02r0 Openning Report of the January 2002 Meeting, Dallas, TX    
RR-02/03r0 WECA petition for rulemaking to FCC for extension of the 5 GHz band    
RR-02/04r0 JPT5G liaison to ETSI-BRAN re DFS [JPT 5GHz (02)018]   members only
RR-02/05r0 US IWG5 Preliminary View on Agenda item 1.5 [IWG-5/010]    
RR-02/06r0 US IWG2 Proposal on Agenda item 1.6 [IWG-2/029 Rev. 3]    
RR-02/07r0 Proposal for an update of the CEPT Brief on agenda item 1.5 [JPT 5GHz (02)011r2]   members only
RR-02/08r0 Proposal for an update of the CEPT Brief on agenda item 1.6 [JPT 5GHz (02)005r1]   members only
RR-02/09r0 WFA proposal from Canada [8A-9B/83-E]   members only
RR-02/10d2 Comments on the proposed Rules Change for the SEC SC d0, d1  
RR-02/11r0 Comments on the proposed Rules Change for Wireless PARs d0, d1  
RR-02/12r0 French Consultation document    
RR-02/13r0 UK Consultation document, “Use of Licence-Exempt Spectrum For Provision of Public Telecommunication Services”    
RR-02/14r0 UK Consultation on proposals for Technical Requirements for Short Range, High Data Rate Equipment operating in the frequency range 5150 to 5875 MHz    
RR-02/15r0 "UK Interface Requirement 2006,
Short Range, Broadband, Data Services (HIPERLAN)
operating in the frequency range 5-6 GHz [IR2006]"
RR-02/16r1 Midweek report of the January 2002, Meeting, Dallas, TX r0  
RR-02/17r1 "Test and Analysis report on EMC and Co-existence
between Bluetooth and WLAN or SS systems (Bluetooth REG)"
r0 members only
RR-02/18d5 Liaison statement to ETSI-BRAN
d1. d2. d3, d4  
RR-02/18Ad5 Report of IEEE 802 Radio Regulatory Group relating to DFS and JPT5G proposal d1, d2  
RR-02/19r1 Report of Radio Regulations Group to TGg January 2002 meeting r0  
RR-02/20r0 Potential responses for members to the French Consultation    

Preliminary comments on the WECA petition for Rulemaking RM-----    
RR-02/22r1 Closing report of the January 2002, Meeting, Dallas, TX r0  
RR-02/23r0 Tentative minutes of the session held January 21-25, 2002, Dallas, TX    



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