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Re: [STDS-802-24] Reflector and TAG voting membership

802.24 participants,

The voting membership of 802.24 and the membership on the STDS-802-24 email reflector are  independent.   The reflector is available for anyone to subscribe or unsubscribe at this link: Join reflector
Announcements about letter ballots are sent to the reflector, but only voting members are allowed (and required) to vote. 
At this time, the voting membership of 802.24 consists of the following individuals:
Baykas   Tuncer
Beecher   Phil
Beer   Frederik
Canchi   Radhakrishna
De Ruijter   Hendricus   Clemens
Denson   Michael   brock
Gilb   James   P K "Trainwreck"
Godfrey   Tim
Gong   Daning
Howard   David   Amundson
Jeong   Wun-Cheol
Kato   Shuzo
Kato   Toyoyuki
Khatibi   Farrokh
Kinney   Patrick
Kojima   Fumihide
Kraemer   Bruce   P
Park   TaeJoon
Powell   Clinton
Ptasinski   Henry   S
Ramasastry   Jayaram
Salazar Cardozo   Ruben   Emilio
Sasaki   Shigenobu
Seibert   Cristina
Shah   Kunal   Pankaj
Shin   Chang Sub
Sum   Chin-Sean
Ward   Lisa
We will be including this list on the 802.24 web site in the near future.

Best regards,


At 09:59 PM 2/26/2013, you wrote:
James and Tim -

If we are getting these letter ballot e-mails - does this mean we are a voting member of 802.24?  It wasn't clear to me from the last meeting how to know if we had gotten voting rights or not.

Appreciate the feedback....and if the answer is no - what do we need to do to get these voting rights?

Thanks -

Chris Calvert


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-----Original Message-----
From: James P. K. Gilb [mailto:gilb@xxxxxxxx ]
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:15 PM
To: STDS-802-24@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [STDS-802-24] IEEE 802.24 Letter ballot #02 begins today

Dear 802.24 voters

With this email, IEEE 802.24 is beginning Letter Ballot #02.  The motion is:

Motion to approve document 24-12-0033-02 and request EC to endorse document 24-12-0033-01 as a group of standards for Smart Grid network applications to be forwarded to IEEE-SA for posting on the appropriate IEEE Smart Grid web site, with editorial corrections as necessary.

The ballot opens on 26 February 2013 and closes on 13 March 2013.

To respond, send an email to gilb@xxxxxxxx and tim.godfrey@xxxxxxxx with the subject line:


where VOTE shall be one of YES, NO, or ABSTAIN.

In the body of the email state your vote and affiliation.

Failure to follow the instructions will result in your vote not counting as a valid response to the letter ballot.

If you don't receive an acknowledgement from the Chair within 24 hours, please re-send your vote.

This is a mandatory letter ballot.  According to the IEEE 802 WG P&P, subclause "7.2.3.Loss":

Excepting recirculation letter ballots membership may be lost if two of the last three WG letter ballots are not returned, or are returned with an abstention for other than "lack of technical expertise."

We will be running a few ballots in parallel, please keep track of the LB number.

James Gilb
Chair IEEE 802.24 Smart Grid TAG

Tim Godfrey
mobile 913-706-3777