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[STDS-802-24] Fwd: [802SEC] Meeting Information Update #1 - July 2013 Plenary Session at ITU-HQ in Geneva, Switzerland


*<<<Chairs please forward to your respective groups>>>>*
*IEEE 802 Plenary Session – July 14-19, 2013 Geneva, Switzerland*

The July 2013 IEEE 802 Plenary Session will take place July 14-19, 2013
in Geneva, Switzerland at:

*International Telecommunication Union (ITU)*
Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland (MAP

The following IEEE-802 Working Groups will be participating: 802.1,
802.3, 802.11, 802.15, 802.16,
802.18, 802.19, 802.21, 802.22, 802.24 and OmniRAN EC Study Group.


*DEADLINES****(6 PM Pacific Time)*
•*EARLY:*MAY 24, 2013
•*STANDARD:*JUNE 28, 2013
•*LATE:*AFTER JUNE 28, 2013
•*EARLY:*$US 500
•*LATE:*$US 800
*PLEASE NOTE:***Registration Fee does not include food and beverage service.

*DEADLINES**(Geneva Time)*

  * *STUDENT**:    JULY 18, 2013  - 6 PM
  * *OUTREACH*:    JULY 16, 2013 – 9 AM


  * *STUDENT*:$US 150
  * *OUTREACH*:$US 25

*Student: *

  * Full-Time Students (college students at the bachelor or
    post-graduate level)

  * The Student meeting fee is available only one time per person. The
    person using the Student meeting fee will not be able to use this
    meeting attendance to gain or maintain voting rights. *A valid
    current student ID must be shown when picking up the meeting badge.*

*University Outreach (Tuesday Only): *

  * $US 25 for Full-Time Students/Faculty (students at the bachelor or
    post-graduate level)


 1. After registering for this session on the IEEE 802 registration
    website, your name and email contact information will be sent to the
 2. The ITU will send a confirmation of registration letter within 14
    days to your registration email address. Bring this letter to the
    session, along with photo ID to pick up your ITU security badge. A
    sample of the letter you will receive is shown here:

ITU Registration Confirmation Letter <%22>

     3.  If you are a citizen of a country that requires a visa to
travel to Switzerland, you may need to provide ITU with information to
generate a visa request letter. The entire visa request process is
described below..

In order to obtain a refund of all or part of the Registration Fee paid
you must request cancellation of your registration before the final
cancellation deadline by submitting an online request at <%22>or
by an email request: 802info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6 PM Pacific Time, Friday, *May 24, 2013*
6 PM Pacific Time, Friday, *June 28, 2013*
6 PM Pacific Time, Friday, *June 28, 2013*


          * All Registered Attendees will be required to obtain an ITU
            Security Name Badge. In the days leading up to the July 2013
            IEEE 802 Plenary Session each participant will receive a
            letter of confirmation of registration via email from ITU
            (may take up to 14 days). This letter will contain important
            information about how and where to obtain your security name
            badge for the event. Do not misplace this letter; it and
            your passport will be required to obtain your badge onsite
            in Geneva.
          * Please see the ITU Registration Confirmation SAMPLE LETTER

            more information.


IEEE will not issue VISA Letters for the July 2013 IEEE 802 Plenary
Session. Please review the enclosed ITU information for more details.
*The visa must be requested at least four (4) weeks before the date of
beginning of the meeting *and obtained from the office (embassy or
consulate) representing Switzerland in your country or, if there is no
such office in your country, from the one that is closest to the country
of departure.

If problems are encountered, the Union can, at the official request of
the administration or entity you represent, approach the competent Swiss
authorities in order to facilitate delivery of the visa but only within
the period mentioned of *four weeks*.

For any such request, a covering letter *(with letterhead, address and
the sender’s title and legible signature) *stamped and signed by the
person responsible for the delegate’s entity must be sent to TSB by fax
(+41 22 730 5853) or e-mail (tsbreg@xxxxxxx
<%22mailto:tsbreg@xxxxxxx%22%20%5Ch>) bearing the words *“visa request”.
*A model of such a letter can be at:

It must specify the following information of the applicant(s) for whom
the visa(s) is (are) required: full name and functions; place and date
of birth; passport number: place and date of issue, and expiry date; the
title and dates of the meeting in question and must be accompanied by a
*very clear and legible copy of the passport and a copy of the
notification of confirmation of registration *approved for the ITU-T
meeting in question.

Please contact the IEEE 802 Meeting Planners should you require
additional information or assistance with registration services for the
July 2013 IEEE 802 Plenary Session.

IEEE 802 has made a special arrangement with Manotel Group’s 6 business
class hotels in downtown Geneva to provide rooms with special rates for
IEEE 802 Plenary Session attendees.


          + *GUARANTEE:*Each Manotel hotel provides guaranteed
            reservations via major credit card
          + *CANCELLATION: *** Up to *11 days *before the arrival date,
            no penalty.

 From *10 days *before the arrival date, the first night’s room will be
Unless the hotel has been notified of a delayed guest arrival and
rescheduled the reservation, a room guaranteed will be held until 8am of
the next morning at which time the reservation will be cancelled and
one night’s room will be charged.



ITU maintains a list of hotels and residences
<%22>of varied
categories in or near Geneva that offer special rates to delegates
attending conferences or meetings at the ITU. The list requires use of a
standard booking form <%22>. A PDF
copy of the full hotel list is available at:

Follow the procedure below to make a reservation for a hotel room with
the ITU special terms:

          + Delegates must reserve a room directly (i.e. not through an
            intermediary such as a travel agency, airline, etc.) with
            their chosen hotel from the list

            phone, fax, or email.
          + They must confirm the booking by mailing or faxing this
            standard booking confirmation form
            which must provide valid credit card information to secure
            the hotel room guarantee.
          + Bookings that are not guaranteed by a credit card will be
            held only until 18.00 hours.
          + When checking in, delegates may be required to provide
            evidence that they are attending an ITU meeting or
            conference (i.e. show badge or invitation letter).


*Please note the following basic information below. A more complete
**document *
<%22>*outlining some
practical information is available on the Plenary Session at:
*** <%22>*.*

          + Official Language is French and the Currency is the Swiss Franc

          + Geneva airport (GVA)

            3 miles north of the city of Geneva and Geneva city centre
            is only 6 minutes by train (every 15 minutes). A free ticket
            (for immediate use) for 80 minutes of travel  on Geneva
            transport system can be obtained just before the customs
            control area.
          + Electrical power is 230 VAC, 50 Hz, using the Type C

            The Swiss SEV 1011 has a diamond-shaped recessed entry. Some
            Type C Europlug adapters are too large to fit into this
            receptacle. Make sure your adapter is designed to work with
            both receptacles.

          + Visitors to Geneva receive a free Geneva Transport Card
            <%22http>from their hotel at check-in. This card provides
            unlimited use of the entire public-transportation network.


We only provide e-mailed session announcements. To join this list and
stay informed about upcoming plenary sessions, send email to
listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> with no
subject and with the following 2 lines appearing first in the body of
the message: **
*subscribe  stds-802-all***


*Face to Face Events Inc., *2699 Iversen Court, Santa Clara, CA 95051 USA
*Phone: *+1 (408) 241-8906**
*Fax: *+1 (408) 241-8918
*Email: *802info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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