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[802.3_100GCU] minutes and slides from this morning's consensus call on EEE


The minutes are shown below.  The slides, modified based on feedback on the call, are available here:  I had planned to post the file to the reflector but the original message was rejected due to the size of the file.  

Please send email to Hugh and copy me if you would like to be listed as a supporter, contributor, etc.

Thanks again to Hugh and Cisco for hosting the call, to Mark and Hugh for the bulk of the work and the team who have been reviewing and refining the proposal.




P802.3bj EEE consensus call meeting minutes


Attendees: Mugh Barrass, Alex Umnov, David Law, David Ofelt, Greg McSorely, Haiyun Yang, Matt Brown, Pedro Riviriego, Piers Dawe, Velu Pillai, Andre Szczepanek, Arthur Marris, Jeff Slavick, Ran Ravid, Mike Bennett.

March 2, 2012 8:05 PST


Mike started the meeting, welcoming the attendees and asked if anyone on the call was not familiar with the patent policy.  There was no response.  Mike then turned the meeting over to Hugh to present Detailed baseline for EEE in 100G.


Hugh went through the slides. 


On slide 41:  words on the slide didn’t match what Hugh was saying, so Hugh agreed to update the slide.


There were some questions and discussion about randomness of the Rapid Alignment Markers and it's potential effect on clock content.    It was suggested some work still needs to be done, but there were no show-stoppers.


There was a question about availability of the materials, future work and meetings.  Mike said materials, minutes and meeting information would be sent to the reflector.    Hugh indicated a preference to have at least three meetings after the plenary to refine the baseline in time for the May interim so the task force can produce a draft.


There were no more comments or questions so the call ended at 8:55 AM PST


Thanks again to Hugh and Cisco for hosting the call.

Michael J. Bennett
LBLnet Services Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Phone: 510.486.7913