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[802.3_100GCU] January Interim Meeting Update

Dear Task Force Participants,

The minutes for last week’s IEEE 802.3bj Interim meeting have been posted at


Please take a moment to review them, and contact me and our illustrious secretary, Kent Lusted, if you have any comments.


The final responses to comments received against D1.3 have also been posted.  They may be found at


I am excited that at our January Task Force meeting, the Task Force decided to request going to Working Group  ballot in March.  This is the next major step for the IEEE P802.3bj Task Force!


Thanks to our editorial team and secretary for all of their great work last week!  And thanks to all the hard work by all of the individuals supporting us in getting to this stage!


Best Regards,


John D’Ambrosia

IEEE P802.3bj 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force