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[802.3_100GNGOPTX] Objectives Passed

Dear Participants,

For those who may not have been able to attend our meeting this week, it was a very successful week.

We now have 100 Gb/s optical objectives! We are also set to adopt a 40G ER objective pending EC approval of our SG name being changed.

Thanks go out to all of the participants in our meeting. From the many presentations, to the polite and professional discussion, we were able to achieve a significant set of results. Included are those who have contributed, but could not attend this week.

We still have a lot of work to do, but we are on track to submit a PAR in July.

Best Regards (and aloha!)


(from our unapproved minutes)

Motion # 1

Request 802.3 extend our Study Group for an additional period of 6 months

Moved: Dan Dove

Second: Kapil Shrikhande

Y: 74

N: 0

A: 0

Motion # 2

Pending approval by 802.3 and the EC to modify the scope of our SG to include 40G, adopt the following objective:

       Define a 40 Gb/s PHY for operation over at least 40 km of SMF

Moved: Pete Anslow    

Second: Jon Anderson

Y: 63

N: 0



Motion # 3

Adopt the following objective:

       Define a 100 Gb/s PHY for operation up to at least 500 m of SMF

Moved: Steve Trowbridge    

Second: Peter Stassar

Y:  69

N: 0

A: 2


Motion #4


Adopt the following objectives:

       Define a 100 Gb/s PHY for operation up to at least 100 m of MMF

       Define a 100 Gb/s PHY for operation up to at least 20 m of MMF

Moved: Jonathan King    

Second: Steve Swanson

Y:  69

N: 2

A: 6