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[802.3_100GNGOPTX] Baseline Proposal Outline

Dear Participants,

During our meeting in September I offered to send out a brief guide on how to prepare a baseline proposal. The leadership team has assisted me in producing and reviewing this information. It is not the only way to do it, nor is it detailed to the nth degree, however it should give you sufficient guidance to bring in your own baseline proposal. Due to schedules/PTO, not all members of the leadership team have had an opportunity to review/feedback, however, I am comfortable that it will be helpful.

Building a Consensus Presentation For A Baseline Proposal

About your presentation(s): The presentation(s) should inform the Task Force of all necessary components of a baseline proposal and justify each of the critical elements. It should be as complete as possible, and it should have broad support at the time of presentation. Having multiple authors and multiple supporters is strongly recommended. A baseline proposal should include the items listed below;

Architectural Overview:
    •    Show how your proposal fits into the 802.3 architectural framework
    •    Identify key elements and apply appropriate acronyms if necessary to simplify charts, tables, etc.
    •    Show how they interconnect
    •    Dive deeper into each element/functional block (include text, tables, figures as necessary)
    •    Show how each block works
    •    Support the proposed parametric baselines
    •    Show where work is necessary to fine-tune parameters
    •    Demonstrate the proposal meets objectives
    ◦    Lay it against each of the 5 criteria

Motion Planning:
    •    Prepare a set of straw-polls or motions in advance of the meeting
    ◦    Assess support through socialization with peers (component, modules, system, end users)
    ◦    Establish an order for execution
    ◦    Strategy for addressing comments/modifications

Example of Baseline Proposal: (one of many possible examples)

Example of a Motion to adopt:
    •    Motion #4:
    •    Move to adopt the baseline proposal described in slides 4-11 “diminico_01a_0112” for the first draft of 802.3bj. All table values are TBD.

The Task Force will ultimately require baseline proposals for 40G-ER, CAUI-4 (host/module and chip-chip), 10GBASE-SR4 (20m* and 100m) and 100GBASE-nR4* (>500m). We have until May to adopt baselines and maintain our current schedule.

*subject to TF determination that this PHY essentially adds value over existing alternatives.

We hope this is helpful.
Leadership Team
Chair, P802.3bm