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[802.3_100GNGOPTX] copper and optics differences

In the Next Generation Optical Ethernet Study Group, a number of
presentations heralded the arrival of optical simulation tools that will
rival the modeling accuracy of IC simulation tools, leading to first
pass success of complex optical chips. Those of us that have been
through multiple iteration cycles designing even simple optics have
remained skeptical that our jobs are soon going to be a lot easier. This
has been reaffirmed by presented measurements. 

A recent quote from Mehdi Asghari, CTO of Kotura, wonderfully captures
the difference between designing electronics and optics.

"Photons and electrons are like cats and dogs. Electrons are dogs: they
behave, they stick by you, they are loyal, they do exactly as you tell
them, whereas cats are their own animals and they do what they like. And
that is what photons are like."

If you find the cat herding analogy too simplistic an explanation, I am
confident Mehdi can expand using quantum statistical mechanics.