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[802.3_100GNGOPTX] Presentations


If you have submitted a presentation request, please review this list to confirm that I have captured the information correctly. I will be using this list to generate our agenda.

Duration Presenter Affiliation(s) Title Filename  
20 Dan Dove Applied Micro Introduction & Agenda dove_01_0313_optx.pdf 1
10 Pete Anslow Ciena SMF Ad hoc report anslow_01_0313_optx.pdf 2
15 Pete Anslow Ciena Editor's Report anslow_02_0313_optx.pdf 3
15 Jonathan King Finisar MMF Ad hoc report king_01_0313_optx.pdf 4
15 Paul Kolesar Commscope Loss Budgeting for Single-mode Channels kolesar_02_0313_optx.pdf 5
20 Jonathan King Finisar 100Gb/s PSM4 PMD cole_01_0313_optx.pdf 5
20 Paul Kolesar Commscope Broad Market Potential and Economic Feasibility of PSM4 kolesar_01_0313_optx.pdf 6
15 Tom Palkert Luxtera PSM4 broad market potential palkert_01_0313_optx.pdf 7
15 Tom Palkert Luxtera PSM4 system cost analysis palkert_02_0313_optx.pdf 8
20 John Petrilla Avago 100G PSM4 Link Model Results Update petrilla_02_0313_optx.pdf 9
20 Brian Welch Luxtera PSM4 vs. WDM: A Silicon Photonics Perspective welch_01_0313_optx.pdf 10
20 Jon Anderson Oclaro 500 m SMF Objective Baseline Proposal anderson_01_0313_optx.pdf 11
20 Cai Kui Huawei CWDM Solution for 500m SMF Economical Feasibility kui_01_0313_optx.pdf 12
20 Yurii Vlasov IBM Economic feasibility of 100GBASE-WDM4 PMD vlasov_02_0313_optx.pdf 13
20 Rang-Chen Yu Oplink Cost reference and technical spec. revision proposal for 4x25G CWDM Solutions yu_01_0313_optx.pdf 14
20 Yurii Vlasov IBM 100GBASE-WDM4 Baseline Proposal vlasov_01_0313_optx.pdf 15
20 Ilya Lyubomirsky Finisar Nonlinearity Penalty for 100G DMT based on 25G-class DFB Transmitter lyubomirsky_01_0313_optx.pdf 16
20 Toshiki Tanaka Fujitsu RIN Impact on Power Budget in Optical 100GbE DMT tanaka_01_0313_optx.pdf 17
20 Toshiki Tanaka Fujitsu DMT Power Budget Discussion tanaka_02_0313_optx.pdf 18
20 John Petrilla Avago 100G MMF 20 m & 100 m Link Model Comparison petrilla_01_0313_optx.pdf 19
20 Piers Dawe Iptronics Investigating unretimed links dawe_01_0313_optx.pdf 20
20 Jonathan King Finisar Baseline proposal for 20m reach MMF objective king_02_0313_optx.pdf 21
5 Ryan Latchman MindSpeed CAUI-4 Ad hoc Report latchman_01_0313_optx.pdf 21
15 Mike Peng Li Altera A CAUI-4 Chip-to-Chip Link Study, Part 2  li_01_0313_optx.pdf 22
20 Ali Ghiasi Broadcom Simulation and Methodology Addressing CAUI C2C ghiasi_01_0313_optx.pdf 23
20 Ryan Latchman MindSpeed CAUI-4 chip-chip baseline proposal latchman_02_0313_optx.pdf 24

If you find anything missing or incorrect, please *reply to this email*.

Thank you,