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[802.3_100GNGOPTX] Extended Guidance - Call For Presentations P802.3bm

Dear Task Force Participants,

I believe it’s in the best interest of the Task Force to provide extended guidance with regard to presentations at the upcoming May Interim.

As you should be aware, in order to avoid slipping against our adopted schedule we must complete our baseline adoption and prepare D1.0 for Task Force review after this meeting.

To achieve this objective, I am requesting that people utilize our ad hoc meetings fully and work together to produce broadly supported presentations rather than multiple fragmented presentations supporting a single baseline proposal. If fewer, broadly supported presentations are requested I can give them more time and provide more time for discussion. I believe this will ultimately lead to better consideration and opportunity to discuss each proposal thoroughly with minimal overlap and repetition.

Preference will be  based upon relevance to existing objectives, the scope of the presentation, breadth of support, and available time relative to our schedule.

Best Regards,

Dan Dove

Chair, IEEE P802.3bm