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Welcome All to The Copper Ad Hoc:

Welcome All to The Copper Ad Hoc:

Scope of copper ad hoc:

The group is to help expedite the resolution of the HSSG objectives.

  • The copper ad hoc is to produce an HSSG copper objective.
  • The objective is to be supported by presentation materials which will help convince (75%) of the HSSG to vote in favor of the objective.

I have been asked by Jonathan to have the work completed for presentation to the HSSG on tuesday afternoon July 6th.To meet this goal the ad hoc will have to work via e-mail,and telephone (conference call). The schedule is aggressive. As fallback; I’m trying to schedule space for an ad hoc meeting after HSSG close of business on Tuesday (July 6th) to work through any remaining issues and plan to present to the HSSG on Wednesday (July 7th) .

At this point we need to prepare for Montreal. I was admonished for opening the reflector to those not attending the HSSG Coeur d'Alene Interim meeting.The copper ad hoc list is now 50+.

As a culling process I propose the following. Please respond if you are willing to participate in the technical and marketing development of the objectives i.e., you are willing to make contributions. If you respond with a willingness to contribute you will be maintained on the reflector list; all others will be removed.

What’s Next:

  1. Identify Objectives
  2. Break into interest groups to work objectives
  • develop presentation material to support objectives


  1. The copper ad hoc membership (those who raised their hands in Idaho) support the following objectives for higher speed copper.
  • Equipment room - short copper @10 gb/s minimum length of 10 meters.
  • Horizontal Cabling - long copper @ a minimum of 2.5 gb/s on a minimum length of 100 meters of category 6 cabling.

Note: The horizontal cabling solution may be somewhat inconsistent with the overall objective of acheiving a 75% approval with the HSSG.

Ad Hoc Chairman, Chris Di Minico, CDT Corporation, e-mail: cd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phone: 1-978-537-996, Fax: 1-978-537-4358

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