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Re: Welcome All to The Copper Ad Hoc:

I think it should be a balanced cable. Maybe there are reasons to shield
it; but what would be done with the shield at the other end?

John Kincaid
Belden Wire and Cable

> From: Bhavesh Patel <bpatel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: 'Chris DiMinico' <cd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; stds-802-3-hssg-copper@xxxxxxxx
> Subject: RE: Welcome All to The Copper Ad Hoc:
> Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 10:59 AM
> I think it would be good idea to specify targeted cable type for
> room (10m) connection. For example, twinax,coax, or any other fancy cable
> type that group is not aware of.
> Bhavesh
> Bhavesh Patel 
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