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[802.3_GEPOF] GEPOF Study Group May meeting


As many of you know, I am the acting Chair of the GEPOF Study Group.  A few items about the upcoming GEPOF Study Group meeting:


Meeting deadlines are near:  1700 EDT 11 April for the hotel block and 1700 EDT 18 April for the early registration rate.  If you plan to attend and haven't taken care of it yet, now is a good time.  As always you can follow the "Next IEEE 802.3 Interim meeting notice" link on the 802.3 home page ( for registration, hotel and high level schedule information.

Meeting days and times

The GEPOF Study Group will be meeting Monday, 12 May and Tuesday, 13 May.  Please plan on an 0830 start each day.  We may start a little latter on Monday, as our 802.3 Chair has three new groups to kick off, and therefore, start times will be staggered for those three groups e.g., 0830, 0845, 0900.  When it is decided, I'll inform you of our assigned Monday start time.  I'm guessing we will be done before 1700 on Tuesday, but as usual with 802.3 meetings, we don't schedule a hard time to adjourn, and if the work demands may run past the target ending time.

Meeting goals

Our charter as a study group is to develop a Project Authorization Request (PAR) and Criteria for Standards Development (CSD) documents.  The CSD includes the Five Criteria (sometimes abbreviated 5C) responses that those of you that have participated in 802 projects before are familiar with.  It is also customary to develop a set of objectives for the proposed project that provide greater detail on what we want to do (e.g., link distance(s), error ratio requirements, support for Energy Efficient Ethernet, etc.)  

It is not our job as a Study Group to pick solutions (we start that once we have an approved project).  Presentations on possible solutions are encouraged though as they support technical feasibility (one of the 5C).

Call for presentations

If you would like to present, please let me know (presenter, employer and affiliation, topic, time requested).  I ask that presentations be submitted at least a week prior to the meeting (Monday, 5 May) so that they can be posted to our web area.  Presentations of relevance to the Five Criteria, especially economic feasibility, technical feasibility and broad market potential are especially encouraged.

If one of you is an experienced 802.3 participant and would be willing to give the Five Criteria overview presentation, please let me know, I'm sure the group will get tired of listening to me.

I will prepare draft PAR and Five Criteria documents for us to work on. These will be actively edited during the meeting to reflect our presentations and discussions.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Bob Grow
Acting Chair, 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet Over Plastic Optical Fiber Study Group