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Re: [802.3_GEPOF] 802.3 GEPOF 10/2 all

Dear Hayato-san, all,

thanks a lot for your contribution. But I would like to put some rationale in all these.

Certainly POF has some advantages vs copper, like EMC, Galvanic isolation, fast and easy installation. But copper is the facto standard for data links, and is the cheapest solution. Going to the Ethernet copper inventors and say that the POF is much better, sounds to me at least naive if not a bit rude.
If your point is that now, all the Ethernet data-links are going to move from copper to POF because is much better, I can promise, it is not going to happen.
I understand your view, because when you spend some time working with POF, it is easy to get in love with it because it is very easy to install, robust and flexible. But we should not loose our mind. "Our girl-friend is not the most beautiful women on the world, even if we think so"

I think that we should reinforce the complementary message with copper, instead of attacking the copper. Right now copper is used where ever is possible, and if we are going to convince somebody to change to POF with the promise of easiness of installation, when the bill of materials is higher, it will not happen. People change, only when they have to. Of course there are some people who believes POF make sense even when it is a bit more expensive, but this will be a small quantity.
We need to identify a problem, explain why copper can not fix it, an how POF is the best way to do it. For example, if we talk about lighting sparks, this will only apply to country side houses separated from big cities. Most of the city houses are already protected.

For the home network, we should focus in retrofit houses, where installation of new cables is very expensive, and reusing the mains plastic conduits is the optimum solution. Due to codes, and security reasons, only POF can be used in this conduits. If there are already data conduits in the home, installers will use copper, not matter what you say. Homes with data conduits in Europe is bellow 10%, so the market for POF is big.

So, again, we need to reinforce the message that POF is the best Ethernet complement to copper. Where ever CAT cables can not make it, POF might make it.
We need to convince people to be friends of POF, and if we say that our girl-friend is more beautiful that the others, we will get enemies, rather than friends.

So, in some way I like your presentation because it is describing the good thinks of POF, but I disagree with a message of POF will kill copper, because is naive, not real, and rude.

Please consider this email as a constructive comment, and with the only intention of putting the right direction to our presentations.



El 01/10/14 07:02, hayato-yuuki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx escribió:
Hello folks,

Attached file is my comments.
If Eugene-san's presentation slides has these consideration, please dump my comments.



Thanks a lot Eugene.

Talk to you on Thursday.

People, please send PPTs as soon as possible.



El 30/09/14 13:10, Dai, Eugene (CCI-Atlanta) escribi・
Dear 802.3 GEPOF SG participants:

I haven't heard any abjection to the new schedule, so we'll have 
Wednesday call at fixed time in the future. However, this week's call 
will be moved to Thursday requested by Carlos.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 2nd


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