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[802.3_GEPOF] Cancellation of January P802.3bv Task Force meeting


The recirculation ballot on P802.3bv closed on 27 December.  We only received one comment from IEEE editorial that the draft met all editorial requirements; that comment will simply be marked as Accept to keep things clean.  Therefore, the P802.3bv Task Force will not have any business to do and will not meet at the January interim meeting series.  I encourage you to support other 802.3 activities going forward.

P802.3bv/D3.3 was submitted to RevCom for its review, and following the RevCom teleconference on 30 January, the IEEE Standards Board will take action on the RevCom recommendation regarding our proposed 802.3bv standard.  I’ll update you on those actions when the results are known.

My best wishes to you all for the new year!  

Bob Grow
Chair, P802.3bv Task Force