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[802.3_GEPOF] Rollup of IEEE Std 802.3bv into proposed new revision draft


I have been reviewing the merge of all approved amendments into Std 802.3.  There is one note about this new draft for P802.3 revision that I need help with.  The following note accompanied describes the issue.

As IEC 60793141:2001 is already present in 1.3, the addition of IEC 60793141:2010 would make the reference ambiguous. "IEC 60793141" changed to "IEC 60793141:2001" in footnote d to Table 5225 (Section 4 , page 610, line 28). "IEC 60793141" changed to "IEC 60793141:2010" in 115.7.5 (Section 7, page 884, line 10) and in 115.14.11 (Section 7, page 908, line 33).

Do I remember correctly that this will be a problem?  (Are the specifications in 2010 different than those in 2001?)