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[802.3_SPMD] Clarification and intent regarding cable sectioning in presentation


I received a number of questions of clarification and intent regarding presentation [ 5/42022] summarized below. 

>The cable sectioning impedance in the presentation is the asymptotic impedance; the cable model used in the analysis is frequency dependent; see

>The cable sectioning impedance is for information in the development of the return loss specifications. 

>>>802.3cg return loss specifications supports cable sectioning impedance mismatches of 100 ohms ~(+/- 8 ohms). 

>>>802.3da return loss supports cable sectioning impedance mismatches of TBD ohms +/- TBD ohms (may have to tighten to +/- 4 ohms based on TX/RX model addition); will complete this in subsequent presentation. 

Regards, Chris

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