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4-Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE)
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Cable Heating Adhoc

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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
Feb 12 2014 Meeting Minutes 30KB/16-March-2014 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Heating Effects for Remote Power Delivery Over Bundled Cables 488KB/27-March-2014 Paul Kish Belden
Mar 7 2014 Meeting Minutes 28KB/16-March-2014 Wayne Larsen Commscope
IEEE P802.3bt Guidelines For Field Deployment 94KB/27-March-2014 Chris DiMinico MC Communications/Panduit
Development of CLC TR 50174-99-1 458KB/27-March-2014 Arne Keller CENELEC
Effect of Organized and Random Bundling on Cable Heating 273KB/27-March-2014 Wayne Larsen CommScope
Cable heating ad hoc report 3/16/14 20KB/16-March-2014 Wayne Larsen CommScope

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