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P802.3bt 4-Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE)
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January 2018 Meeting Material
January 24-26, Geneva, Switzerland
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation

Meeting Agenda 414KB/24-January-2018 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

darshan_01_0118.pdf 164KB/18-December-2017 Yair Darshan Microsemi

darshan_02_0218.pdf 79KB/18-December-2017 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Files presented to close comments in Geneva

bennett_01_0118.pdf 30KB/24-January-2018 Ken Bennett Sifos

yseboodt_01_0118.pdf 135KB/24-January-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

yseboodt_02_0118.pdf 234KB/24-January-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

yseboodt_03_0118.pdf 67KB/25-January-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

yseboodt_04_0118.pdf 43KB/25-January-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

yseboodt_05_0118.pdf 56KB/25-January-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

darshan_01_0118.pdf 163KB/25-January-2018 Yair Darshan Microsemi

darshan_02_0118.pdf 93KB/25-January-2018 Yair Darshan Microsemi

darshan_03_0118.pdf 116KB/25-January-2018 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Motions, Straw Polls, and closing business 272KB/25-January-2018 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

Minutes (Approved March 7, 2018) 435KB/31-January-2018 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

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