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P802.3bt 4-Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE)
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July 2014 Meeting Material
July 15 - 17, 2014, San Diego, CA
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation

All Files 7MB/15-July-2014

Meeting Agenda 395KB/14-July-2014 Chad Jones Cisco Systems

Cable Heating Adhoc Report 23KB/11-July-2014 Wayne Larsen Commscope

Channel Pair To Pair Resistance Imbalance Adhoc Report 2MB/14-July-2014 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Channel Pair To Pair Resistance Imbalance Adhoc Minority Report 295KB/15-July-2014 Jeff Heath Linear Technology

Classification Current Width Modulation 269KB/16-July-2014 Gaoling Zou
James Liu
MAXIM Integrated Products

How Type 1 and Type 2 PD designs work with Type 1 and Type 2 PSE deployments 930KB/9-July-2014 Yan Zhuang
Rui Hua
Huawei Technologies
Huawei Technologies

PD PI Current Definitions 359KB/8-July-2014 Jeff Heath Linear Technology

Part A: Existing compliant PD implementations
Part B: Proposal for detecting Type 1/2 capable of 4P operation
317KB/8-July-2014 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Detecting PDs Over All 4 Pairs in Parallel: An Analysis 425KB/8-July-2014 David Abramson Texas Instruments

Extended Power 1MB/14-July-2014 Lennart Yseboodt
Matthias Wendt
Yair Darshan

Use Cases 101KB/8-July-2014 Jeff Heath Linear Technology

Channel Pair To Pair Resistance Unbalance
Analysis of ad-hoc proposed use cases
1MB/16-July-2014 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Alternative Imbalance Specifications 764KB/16-July-2014 Ken Bennett Sifos Technologies, Inc.

Generating the PSE and PD PI models and their unbalance requirements (Adhoc Presentation) 827KB/6-August-2014 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Proposed Timeline 49KB/17-July-2014 Chad Jones Cisco Systems

Midspan and Endspan Collisions 467KB/16-July-2014 Heath Stewart Linear Technology

Simulator Tool from Heath Stewart 1MB/6-August-2014 Heath Stewart Linear Technology

Motions and Straw Polls 36KB/16-July-2014 Chad Jones Cisco Systems

Approved Minutes 634KB/10-Sept-2014 Faisal Ahmad Akros Silicon

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