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P802.3bt 4-Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE)
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March 2014 Plenary Meeting Material
March 17th - 20th, 2014, Beijing, China
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation

All files (zipped) 8MB/26-March-2014

TIA Formal Liaison Letter 64KB/20-March-2014

ISO/IEC Formal Liaision Letter 52KB/20-March-2014

Agenda and General Information 853KB/17-March-2014 Chad Jones Cisco

Channel Pair To Pair Resistance Imbalance (End to End System Imbalance) Ad Hoc 442KB/15-March-2014 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Cable Adhoc report 71KB/17-March-2014 Wayne Larson Commscope

Liaison report from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 25/WG 3 toIEEE 802.3 on higher levels of Power over Ethernet on balanced cabling channels 369KB/15-March-2014 Alan Flatman LAN Technologies

Reducing MPS duty cycle For lower standby power 423KB/18-March-2014 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

Matthias Wendt

Rob Woudenberg

Musa Unmehopa

PSE Rsense Noise Margin 159KB/12-March-2014 Jeff Heath Linear Technology

Class 5, 3-Event Classification A Classification Approach for 3bt PoE 136KB/12-March-2014 Gaoling Zou MAXIM Integrated Products

4 Pair PoE One PD 112KB/12-March-2014 Heath Stewart Linear Technology

Electrical Specifications for 4-Pair 560KB/12-March-2014 Koussalya Balasubramanian Cisco

Dave Abramson Texas Instruments

Interoperability - Use Case Analysis 398KB/12-March-2014 Yair Darshan Microsemi

4PPoE Architecture Proposal 2.0 678KB/16-March-2014 Dave Dwelley Linear Technology

Bill Delveaux Avaya

Thinking on 4-pair PD Architectures 1MB/26-March-2014 Yan Zhuang Huawei Technologies

Rui Hua

An Optimum Approach to Apply DC Disconnect System Efficiency, Accuracy and Thermal Considerations 293KB/26-March-2014 Jean Picard Texas Instruments

Cost Comparison between Different 4PPoE Implementations 1MB/26-March-2014 Kousi Balasubramanian Cisco

John Wilson Silicon Labs

Sesha Panguluri Broadcom

Dave Abramson Texas Instruments

Prevention of Potential Damage - Use Case Analysis 380KB/12-March-2014 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Wired Fault Discovery 280KB/26-March-2014 Fred Schindler Dave Abramson Seen Simply Texas Instruments

Dave Abramson Texas Instruments

4 Pair PoE Current Imbalance Broken Wires & Connections 104KB/12-March-2014 Jeff Heath Linear Technology

P802.3bt Guidelines For Field Deployment 147KB/12-March-2014 Chris DiMinico MC Communications/Panduit

Consideration on Y-Cable Application 667KB/12-March-2014 Yan Zhuang Huawei Technologies

Rui Hua

Straw Polls 77KB/26-March-2014 Bill Delveaux Avaya

MPS Straw poll 45KB/19-March-2014 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

Matthias Wendt

Rob Woudenberg

Musa Unmehopa

Approved Minutes 1MB/26-March-2014 Leonard Stencel Bourns, Inc

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