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P802.3bt 4-Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE)
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March 2015 Meeting Material
March 10 - 12, Berlin, Germany
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation

All Files 14MB/17-March-2015

Meeting Agenda 536KB/9-March-2015 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

Liaison Links 23KB/11-March-2015 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

4PID Ad hoc Report 84KB/9-March-2015 George Zimmerman CME Consulting / LTC & Commscope

PD Diodes model and Vdiff at low and high current vs. E2EP2PCUNB 2MB/7-March-2015 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Extending Power via MDI for IEEE P802.3bt 229KB/11-March-2015 Fred Schindler Seen Simply

Connection Check: Baseline Text 173KB/7-March-2015 David Abramson Texas Instruments

Worst Case simulation results for system P2P_Iunb, Maximum pair current
and PD available power for Type 3 and 4 systems
1MB/17-March-2015 Yair Darshan Microsemi

MPS Unbalance 244KB/7-March-2015 Lennart Yseboodt
Dave van Goor
Matthias Wendt

Retracted Power in DLL 410KB/7-March-2015 Yan Zhuang
Shiyong Fu
Huawei Technologies
Huawei Technologies

Type 4 System Power Parameters Analysis 675KB/11-March-2015 Yair Darshan
Koussalya Balasubramanian
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Type Definitions 1MB/7-March-2015 Koussalya Balasubramanian
Lennart Yseboodt
Cisco Systems, Inc.

4PID-Related Issues 105KB/7-March-2015 Dave Dwelley Linear Tech

REMOTE POWERING over “structured” cabling
A review of European standardization activities
790KB/9-March-2015 Mike Gilmore e-Ready Building Limited
Convenor CLC TC215 WG1

LS/o on the new ITU-T SG5 Recommendations related to Ethernet port protection 29KB/9-March-2015 presented by Steve Carlson High Speed Design

Consideration of Field Test Accuracies and P2PRUNB Measurements 945KB/10-March-2015 Theo Brillhart
James Withey
Jeffrey Bottman
Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks

DC disconnect (MPS) baseline proposal principles 178KB/17-March-2015 Yair Darshan Microsemi

PSE State Diagram Update 1MB/7-March-2015 Dan Dove DNS for LTC

Extending Power via MDI for IEEE P802.3bt BASELINE 277KB/7-March-2015 Fred Schindler Seen Simply

Part A: Existing compliant PD implementations
Part B: Proposal for detecting Type 1/2 capable of 4P operation
Layer 1 Method to Detect 4PPoE Capable Legacy Type 1 & 2 PD
532KB/9-March-2015 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Single vs. Dual PD Signatures 72KB/11-March-2015 David Abramson Texas Instruments

Adding a 75W Class 253KB/7-March-2015 David Abramson Texas Instruments

802.3bt Current & Power levels overview 75KB/11-March-2015 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

Derivation of PSE and PD PI Rmax, Rmin in
order to meet system worst case End to End
Pair To pair effective resistance unbalance
184KB/17-March-2015 Yair Darshan
Ken Bennett

PSE PI P2P unbalance base line proposal 701KB/7-March-2015 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Extended Power baseline proposal 408KB/7-March-2015 Lennart Yseboodt
Matthias Wendt
Yair Darshan

Balasubramanian_01_0315_Rev1.pdf - file for Motion 3 1MB/16-March-2015 Koussalya Balasubramanian Cisco Systems, Inc.

abramson_01a_0315.pdf - file for Motion 6 173KB/11-March-2015 David Abramson Texas Instruments

Adding a 75W Class - PD Baseline - file for Motion 7 203KB/8-March-2015 David Abramson Texas Instruments

Adding a 75W Class - PSE Baseline - file for Motion 7 372KB/8-March-2015 David Abramson Texas Instruments

Extended Power baseline v270.pdf - file for Motion 8 208KB/11-March-2015 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

darshan_07_0315 rev 009.pdf - file for Motion 9 617KB/17-March-2015 Yair Darshan Microsemi

darshan_01_0315_rev009a.pdf - file for Motion 10, 11 675KB/12-March-2015 Yair Darshan Microsemi

Schindler_3bt_02_03_15r2.pdf - file for Motion 12 267KB/11-March-2015 Fred Schindler Seen Simply

Draft reply to ISO 49KB/12-March-2015 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

Draft reply to TR42 45KB/12-March-2015 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

Motions and Straw Polls, Aggregated 63KB/12-March-2015 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

Minutes (approved May 26, 2015)
873KB/17-March-2015 Goaling Zou Maxim

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