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P802.3bt 4-Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE)
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March 2018 Meeting Material
March 7-8, Rosemont, IL
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation

Meeting Agenda 652KB/1-March-2018 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

File(s) submitted with comments

96117100003-yseboodt_01_0318_current.pdf 286KB/27-February-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

Files presented to close comments in Rosemont

final slides presented for comment closure in one file 2MB/8-March-2018

thompson_01_0318.pdf 462KB/7-March-2018 Geoff Thompson GraCaSi

diminico_01_0318.pdf 343KB/7-March-2018 Chris DiMinico MC Communications/Panduit

stewart_0318_01_final.pdf 978KB/7-March-2018 Heath Stewart Analog Devices, Inc.

darshan_01_0318_final.pdf 167KB/7-March-2018 Yair Darshan Microsemi

darshan_02_0318.pdf 37KB/7-March-2018 Yair Darshan Microsemi

yseboodt_01_0318_final.pdf 313KB/8-March-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

yseboodt_02_0318_final.pdf 46KB/8-March-2018 Lennart Yseboodt Philips

post meeting presentation update (not shown in TF)

Comment no.99 339KB/8-March-2018 Chris DiMinico MC Communications/Panduit

Motions, Straw Polls, and closing business 271KB/8-March-2018 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

Minutes (Approved May 22, 2018) 1MB/11-March-2018 Chris Bullock Cisco Systems, Inc.

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