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[802.3_YANG] Proposed email to IETF NETMOD and CCAMP WG chairs


I hope to send the following email to the IETF NETMOD and CCAMP chairs next week.

If you have any comments please can you either email them to me, or we can discuss them in Monday's Ad hoc if necessary.


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I'm participating in the 802.3 task force (802.3cf) to produce standard YANG models for Ethernet interfaces and protocols covered by the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group.

As part of that YANG modelling work, there is an aim to define a clean boundary of what manageability data should be specified within 802.3 and what belongs outside the 802.3 specifications.

The definition that the task force is converging on is that everything related to Ethernet, covered by 802.3, that can be expressed in terms of the 802.3 clause 30 manageability definitions, should be modeled in 802.3.  I.e. broadly everything that is covered by 802.3.1 today.  But any manageability information that cannot be related to clause 30 definitions should be specified outside of 802.3.  Note, where appropriate, additional clause 30 definitions may be added to fix any mistakes or glaring gaps.

To this end, there are a couple of areas between IETF and 802.3 that don't necessarily look like they are entirely in the right place, in particular:

1) The RMON MIB (RFC 2819) defines (along with other non-Ethernet related content) some Ethernet specific statistics that would be better co-located with the Ethernet interface YANG model being defined in 802.3cp.  Hence, the proposal is to subsume the appropriate Ethernet statistics from the RMON MIB into a single combined reference set defined in 802.3cp.

2) The RMON MIB also defines some Ethernet specific statistics that can't be defined as part of 802.3cf because they don't relate to 802.3 clause 30 registers, but are still widely supported by vendors, and should be modeled in YANG.  The proposal is that definitions related to these counters could be added as part of the Ethernet-like module draft-ietf-netmod-intf-ext-yang-03, or perhaps a related Ethernet module in the same draft.

3) The Power-Ethernet MIB (defined in RFC 3621, but also referenced from RFC 7460), was originally specified in IETF, but ownership later transferred to 802.3 (via RFC 7448).  Whilst working on the Power over Ethernet YANG model it has become clear that not all of the attributes defined in the MIB map to the underlying 802.3 clause 30 definitions.  Further, it looks like parts of this YANG model would be better defined as extensions to the Entity YANG model being defined in NETMOD.  The proposal is that the parts of the Power over Ethernet YANG model that can be directly related to clause 30 definitions (e.g. pethPsePortTable) should be defined in 802.3cf, but that the remaining parts (e.g., pethMainPseObjects ) can hopefully be standardized in IETF.

I raised these issues as part of the IETF/IEEE liaison meeting on 31st January, and the consensus was generally supportive of this approach, with the agreed next steps to contact the NETMOD and CCAMP chairs (hence this email).

Do you have any comments, or concerns, on the 3 proposals above?  Or otherwise, should I raise this on the NETMOD and/or CCAMP mailing lists?

Rob Wilton

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