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RE: GitHub Readme files

Hi Scott,


We need to understand that this YANG GitHub is used by people who never attend IEEE 802 face-to-face meetings, and therefore the reader is not familiar at all with IEEE legal policies, or how IEEE standards are developed.




What is "IEEE Contribution"?


The uppercase 'C' doesn't really tell me anything. Is the implication that IEEE has a legal definition of that term somewhere? If so, can we provide a link to formalize that?


In the context of this GitHub, what does "IEEE standards development" mean?


I assume it means the standard branch and not the experimental branch. If so, we need to state that explicitly. We also need to link to the process for "standards development" (PAR etc).


Where is "IEEE-SA Copyright Policy"?


If we mean this:


we should link it. Otherwise the reader is at the whim of a web search.


Also, who does the reader contact for follow up questions?


I assume that would be someone in IEEE-SA, because IEEE 802 is only a single working group in IEEE.




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It is important to ensure the IEEE License text is clearly attributed in the YANG GitHub.  Attached is a draft of a presentation that I will give at the 802.1 Interim session on YANG.  I will provide an update of the discussion that occurs.  If you have any comments, please share.





Scott Mansfield

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