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YANGsters minutes 2020-05-12 (week 20)

YANGsters Weekly Telephone Conference



2020-05-12 (week 20)

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. (Eastern Time)


  • IMAT Registration
    • Paul Congdon (Huawei Technologies Co., Lrd
    • Rodney Cummings (National Instruments Corporation)
    • Mark Ellison (Independent)
    • Don Fedyk (LabN Consulting, L.L.C.)
    • Marc Holness (Ciena Corporation)
    • Stephan Kehrer (Hirschmann Automation and Control, Inc.)
    • Scott Mansfield (Telefon AB LM Ericsson)
    • Glenn Parsons (Ericsson AB)
    • William Zhao (Siemens AG)
  • No IMAT Registration
    • Robert Wilton (Cisco)


  • Agenda bash
  • Hot Issues
    • IEEE P802f Update
    • YANG Revisions Update
      • This topic is not urgent at the moment.
      • It will be discussed more in the future but will not be actively advanced for the time being.
    • Mac Address Format
      • A coordination meeting is being scheduled.
      • The topic will be discussed at that meeting.
    • Use of Git workflow document created
      • A first version of the document exists and is available on the YANGsters webpage.
      • There was some feedback and some comments.
      • The comments are currently being resolved and an update will be available soon.
    • Closed issues:
      • .X YANG
        • The Git Repository has been updated.
        • All arising issues with, out of date experimental module, and old drafts for .1Qcr have been resolved.
      • YANG contact info
        • Guidelines regarding the contact information in YANG modules have been updated.
      • YANG and MIB file extension
        • IEEE editorial staff has been contacted. The file names for the YANG files attached to IEEE Std 802.1Qcp need to be corrected since they are attached as .txt files to the current version of the standard.
        • Some of the files on the IEEE file server show up with a symbol for text files and others show up with a question mark symbol. The reason for this is currently unclear.
          • Action Item: look into the issue and correct whatever is causing the issue so no question mark icons will be displayed.
  • Continue Maintenance/Guidelines Discussion
  • Any Other Business
    • Review and suggest way forward for a Press Release related to the IEEE YANG work
      • In 2019 a press release was drafted for the release on IEEE Std 802.1Qcp.
      • This press release was never sent.
      • The press release should be reworked into a form that it can be released in the near future.
      • Suggested rework
        • Change to reflect current ongoing work on YANG in 802.1.
        • The rework should reflect, that IEEE did not only produce a few YANG modules but will continue migration towards YANG and is now “in the YANG game”.
        • Suggested structure:
          • Use latest YANG that 802.1 has published as anchor.
            • 802.1Qcx should be used as an anchor, tying it to 802.1Qcp as this is the base bridge model.
          • Follow up with a statement that 802.1 is engaged in protocol work pointing out YANG is now part of that.
          • Outreach to the YANG catalog.
    • No other business.



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