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YANGsters Minutes Week 24 2020-06-09

YANGsters Weekly Telephone Conference



2020-06-09 (week 24)

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. (Eastern Time)


  • Scott Mansfield (Telefon AB LM Ericsson)
  • Ahmed Gharba (Huawei)
  • Marc Holness (Ciena)
  • Johannes Specht (University of Duisburg-Essen)
  • Don Fedyk (LabN Consulting)
  • Mark Ellison (Independent)
  • William Zhao (Siemens AG)


  • Agenda bash
  • Active Hot Issues
    • Semantics of read-write in YANG
      • No Update
    • LLDP TLVs
      • No Update
    • Press Release Discussion
      • Roger Marks engaged by Glenn for Social Media aspects
    • IEEE P802f Update
      • Marc waiting for 802 Frame files
    • YANG Revisions Update
      • No Update
    • Update on Tooling Guidance
      • Website updates still TBD
    • MAC Address Format
      • Coordination meeting 15 June 2020
    • Use of Git workflow document created
      • Resolving comments, updates coming soon
  • New Issues
    • Comments from GitHub
      • If someone submits YANG, makes a comment, or makes a pull request, there is no defined process to deal with them.  They are simply contributions. 
      • In most cases they would be contributions from folks unfamiliar with the 802.1 process.   It is our choice if we want to take the comments as rogue inputs to an existing ballot vs asking the commenter to make those requests themselves in the 802.1 process or have someone else make them.  I think so far, we have tended to be charitable and had the relevant comments added in by the editor in a ballot. 
      • We discussed this in the beginning of YANGsters and the process was written down here:
      • It basically says all github comments are advice to the editor.
    • Email address text
      • Email Address slide from agenda
    • Setting up Confd
  • Continue Maintenance/Guidelines Discussion
    • See:
    • Continued with #11.
      • 11a: is resolved
      • 11b:  Check the mentioned elements to see if they exist in Clause 12 and Clause 17, they are not in the YANG.  The Static VLAN registry entries are missing.
      • 11c:  Will be solved as a maintenance item, the YANG does not need to be changed.
      • 12:  AI on Marc Holness to review the meaning of database-id and determine if it is needed based on the description in 12.7.  Also look to see if 12.7.7 is the correct reference.
  • Any Other Business
    • No other business.
  • Next week



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