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Re: [802.3_YANG] YANG editors please start using Yanglint.

Maybe you could provide some scripts or examples in a tools folder of the repo or somewhere convenient?

On Fri, Sep 25, 2020, 10:53 AM Don Fedyk <dfedyk@xxxxxxxx> wrote:



I’ve been pushing for editors to run Yanglint.   At the very least loading your YANG in Yanglint will run more checks than Pyang.

For example I’ve spent a non-trivial amount of time just trying to get Qcw yang to load cleanly.


> load iana-if-type

> load ieee802-dot1q-bridge

> load ieee802-dot1q-stream-filters-gates

> load ieee802-dot1q-preemption

> load ieee802-dot1q-psfp

> load ieee802-dot1q-sched



Most of this was related to prefixes and they are technically warnings.  However I think we should address YANG warnings especially when the fix is easy.

There are also some exposed xpath logic errors.  I’ve not even loaded data in the model yet.

I will provide detail in my comments but if you are editing YANG please consider familiarizing  yourself with Yanglint.


Summary errors in Qcw

Obsolete should obsolete status in all elements of an obsoleted structure

Prefixes Missing in elements in Xpath statements

Wrong type used in Xpath - container used as operand.




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