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Re: YANG issues related to IEC/IEEE 608002 work

Hi Scott,

On the 802.3 LLDP use, agree with Paul.

On missing RSTP/MSTP parameters, I believe that this would be best covered by a new PAR. It is probably specialized enough to make attaching it to another  project a drag on both it, and the specialized work of the other project. That makes the question as to whether it  could be argued to be 'editorial corrections and omissions in the description of existing functionality' moot (also the 'errors and omissions' text in the Qcw PAR is more narrowly worded). It should not be a large project, the only difficulty is reviewer bandwidth - making sure we don't accidentally change the existing functionality.


On 8/4/2021 11:47 AM, Paul Congdon wrote:
Hello Scott,

My opinions on where and what work needs to be done are below...

Question to leaders:  Who does this work?  Is it a 802.1 maintenance item, something for P802.1Qcz, something for 802.3, or a new PAR in either 802.1 or 802.3?

Something for 802.3.  Certainly not an 802.1 maintenance item.  The resulting new YANG module would need to be part of 802.3 just like the extension MIB.

Question to leaders:  If there is indeed work that needs to be completed, is this a maintenance item or would a new PAR be needed.

Was this supposed to be in the scope of a previous YANG project?   Would we consider this a bug or an enhancement request?  If the amount of work is significant, then it probably warrants a new project.  There is no current 802.1 maintenance request related to this missing functionality.


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